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Warning : Buy Sell threads of online Test Series/ Courses - Read This


This is root here.

Please do not create separate threads for Buy & Sell. Your account will be suspended for repeatedly doing the same, especially if you contriibution to forum apart from selling has been very less or nil.We do not see Buy Sell threads as increasing the quality of discussions, but merely allow it to for covenience of members.

No commercial activity is permitted on ForumIAS by members. Please go for sharing privately if at all you have to share something.

Secondly, please do not buy from people who are sharing with 3,4 ,5 or ten people. Firstly, we have receved complaint from buyers of fraud . This is not because the person was a fraud, but because he oversold it and it was detected by the service provider and blocked. ForumIAS will not bear any responsibility for such transaction here.

Thirdly, there are members who may buy a course for 16,000 and try to oversell it for 32,000/- by selling to large number of people. When you detect effort to form a lage sharing group, the chances of fraud increase.

Avoid sharing with students becoming re-sellers for purposes apart from reducing course fee.

We recommend Users to

1) either enroll for course from institutes themselsves
2) buy it from old members who have some posting history and reputation
3) discuss your transaction over PM and not over threads. This keeps your identity protected.

Do not buy

1) When the account is freshly created
2) When the person is charging very less in the name of large group. Such persons are likely to oversell and the account will be blocked leading to loss for the entire group. This has happened in the past and we have worked with seller members and buyers to refund money, on threats of legal case etc, but we are under no obligation to do for all of you.

3) When the person is selling too many courses - like buy anything/ any course from me. Such persons are sometimes NOT students anymore and you are likely to get into an intentional or unintentional fraud

Is it not safe to go for course sharing on ForumIAS ?

It is safe as long as you follow the Dos and Donts and do due dilligence.

Note: This is being shared in larger interest of ForumIAS Members. ForumIAS does not encourage buy and sell threads . We merely condone them and are trying to evolve a policy on the same. We take action when the number of threads is so high that it hampers the quality of discussions on the first page.



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    See,neither I am a fake student nor someone who will sell to many just some onewho finished her attempts.and bought a test series at an unfortunate time.I just don't want to waste anymore Money.I have one mains gs test series of vision English medium.anybody interested can contact me at
  • See,neither I am a fake student nor someone who will sell to many just some onewho finished her attempts.and bought a test series at an unfortunate time.I just don't want to waste anymore Money.I have one mains gs test series of vision English medium.anybody interested can contact me at

    The above post is not directed at individuals. You consistenly break rules by posting your email address. And if you have used this email ID for buying the Test, which we do not hope you have done, it will be blocked by the Institute and those who are depending on you will suffer.

    Please contribute well, apart from buying selling and all that. And warnings are issued not against individuals, but against a general trend that takes place. Stop spamming the forum with your email / phone/ personal info.
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  • @ForumIAS the entire page is filled with room sell/buy threads and vision material-test series sharing/selling threads. It is becoming very difficult now for people like me to search for the imp useful threads. Please make some dedicated thread for these purposes so that the page looks clutter free and useful discussions can take place. Thanks.
  • just for awareness want to write this..through no broker room thread i went to see a room ..when i finalized the room those guys gave my number to the broker of that room and that broker called me and start saying who told u about room who told u about room ?? those guys didnt know that i came via forumias ... then i called those guys and scolded them that how dare u gave my number to some broker.... when i said i saw the ad at forum then the guy on call told his friend yaaaar ye to forum se h...then he said no no ab broker h apko brokerage deni padegi...then i realized that they had setting with the broker and they will share the money without doing any work...any how my friend abused them so badly that they called me and apologised...

    so plz be alert and dont go alone on such call... being a girl it becomes so harassing when a batameez broker call u and talk rubbish...
    all i need is You Lord
  • Sorry am new to this,I don't know the rules.won't do anymore
  • edited October 2018
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