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IBPS PO 2016

strategy/books/mock tests/discussions/strategy


  • 1.for ibps po pre+mains i need solved paper of past 5-6 years.kindly suggest any book which has less/no errors.
    2.kindly also suggest which one (arihant/disha/kiran) publication mock test should i buy for ibps po.
    i have checked online tests too like oliveboard but they are highly priced,are they worth buying?
  • guys in banks or experienced peoples kindly guide us.
  • edited September 2016
    also for reasoning in bank exams i have mk pandey and rs agarwal, but i find them out of date .they are not of any help now a days becoz the kind of questions asked in banking is totally different and on different level.
    kindly suggest any good for reasoning or any good online source.
    p.s i would prefer a good book over online source
  • This is the easiest and best strategy. join two test series(Oliveboard and Practicemock) for pre and mains.Do them religiously. Go to youtube ,watch videos where you make mistakes.

    For Reasoning practice:Critical Reasoning, Puzzles , Sentence Arrangement, Input Output and Data Sufficieny Questions and Syllogism(though they have stopped asking these too)

    IBPS has realised that due to the explosion of educational websites ,sharing type of questions and their quick solution is common and thus they have reduced the number of questions where you can apply tricks / cheats /hacks. Youll have to work hard now.

    For Quant , practice DI a lot.

    For English , I really dont have a startegy.

    For GA: Study gktoday ,Bankers adda and Affairscloud capsules for six months before exam. Focus more on last three. Make sure you do revise a lot.

    Best Of Luck.
    One step,One Punch,One Round At a Time.
    How you do anything is how you do everything.

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