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[CSP 2016] Cutoff and date speculations. Post only info. No discussions/Bakar allowed.

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Let me start this info only thread. Please for god sake no bakar as it can be done in Discussion thread.

2by2 gave preliminary info on possible cutoff. I'm copy pasting his post:

Hello friends,
Sorry for the delay. According to the trends of copies checked so far cut off will settle somewhere near 105. This is not final cut off. Result will be declared after 20th sept. There is an internal news. In 2014 report upsc has stated that it had qualified only 22 percent obc candidates. People are trying to raise this issue to make it to 27 percent. If govt agrees to their demand and directs upsc to correct it then it may affect the dIFF between obc and general cut off marks.
Final cut offs will be announced much before than INDIA, pakistan, nepal or bhutan and even USA. Kindly bear with us.

Again, my kind request. Please keep this thread free of unnecessary comments and discussions. No bakar.

Request mods to keep this thread as announcement.


  • Cutoff <108 n date sep 22
    Shradhavan labathe gnanam
  • cutoff 121 for gen.

    result 19 sep
  • i am sure the learned people here qualify CSAT and they understand the heading of this thread . take it or leave it is the mantra . use like and dislike to convey your feelings . no personal attacks , at all . post your queries by tagging that guy in the other thread . at this age please dont expect people to tell you what is accepted and what is not . so please respect that or i will have to ban you straightaway !
    कैसे कह दूँ कि हर दुआ बेअसर हो गई,
    जब जब भी रोया, मेरे भोलेनाथ को खबर हो गई ।
  • result before 10 September and cut off in between 108-110....period..
  • You talk when u cease to be at peace with your mind
  • Cut off 104

    result date 16 september
  • edited August 2016
    cutoff koe nahi bata sakta before result it is sure for 100% but yes result is going to declare second week of sept

  • 113...its goin to b tis exact
  • There is no such thing called 'insider'. I doubt if even Modi can give any info on cut-off from any insider. Last year I posted many fake insider info by opening multiple fake accounts... was new to UPSC preparation and was doing all those shitty things last year. I'm sure some new comers will be doing the same by claiming to be close to 'insiders'. 'Insiders' in most cases are always either undersecretaries or deputy secretaries, so that it seem genuine, coz no one will believe u if u quote the insider to be Cabinet secretary or secretary or additional secretary or CBI Director or Vigilence Director. Sab Bakar hain, koi info genuine nahin...

    Apparently you either dont understand english or you want to act macho by defying the rules made for all !
    You were new last year while many here were veteran even last year so stop imposing your gyaan over here . stop lecturing as if you know everything . next time you try and act smart and that will be your last comment i promise ! yes you can make any number of accounts but do keep it in mind that it takes 5 minutes to make one and 5 seconds to ban it !

    @all everyone has several counter questions and each has its own merit but please try and understand that the whole idea of keeping it an exclusive thread for infos to avoid filtration from thousands of posts , its necessary ! or else everyone will start asking and it will start a chain reaction ! tag the guy in other thread and he will respond if he feels like ! please understand and cooprate . its difficult time for all of us !
    कैसे कह दूँ कि हर दुआ बेअसर हो गई,
    जब जब भी रोया, मेरे भोलेनाथ को खबर हो गई ।
  • Cutoff 100 or 102.
    15000+ to be called for mains.

    cutoff kabali hu mai...
  • As per India bhai results be sept end.
  • Cut off105-108 . Result in last week sept
    hey bro
  • edited August 2016

    source group b employee

    104 - check karke btaya baki 47 centres ki evalution rehti hai

    obc - 103 ,sc st ka pucha nai
  • agle hafte tak aajana chayiye result
    is hafte bhi chance hain
  • Cutoff around 110,and result,latest by second weekend of September
  • india
    3:38PM in Speculation & Protests Flag
    Dear Friends!
    I hope you all are preparing in full swing for mains. However many people are skeptical about the cutoff and they are continuously messaging me about my take on cutoff at this point of time. This is a mere prediction of cutoff based on the past trends (CSE pre cutoff 107) and present situation, I may go wrong also. But I will provide the logical reasons for my prediction of cutoff this time. I have taken the bench mark of cutoff of CSE2015, i.e. 107 for predicting this year’s cutoff.
    The cutoff can be 105(+/-1). I had arrived on this because of following reasons:
    1. The paper was little tricky and unconventional type. There are two sets of marks of candidates. One who studied Current Affairs are 110+ and other who had not and they are scoring 100-. Moreover there are many people who are working and writing mains year on year but this year scoring below 100 because they rely on traditional topics for prelims.
    2. Many around 800-1000 are failing in CSAT who are scoring 105+ because of the tough CSAT and candidate’s casual approach towards CSAT. This will reduce the cutoff further by 2-3 marks.
    3. There are no extra attempts people (2011 got attempts in 2015) which may reduce the cutoff by 1-2 marks.
    4. Since last two years (CSE 2014 & CSE2015), UPSC is not giving any reservation to OBC in prelims stage (like UPPSC & RAS). It is considering the OBC candidate as OBC only even if he scores marks in General merit .UPSC has qualified only 22.8% in CSE2014 and CSE2015 as against 31% previously. This had led to difference of just 1 mark in both CSE2014 &CSE2015, whereas previously it was around 15-20 marks. This has led to fall in General cutoff, which will again help in reducing the cutoff overall. (Source: UPSC 65th Annual Report, Appendix-6&7, Page 68 & 69 of the pdf)
    5. Due to some sources, I came to know that there are more seats (150-200) added to this year, which will again help in reducing the cutoff by 1-2 marks

    So friends, 105 (approx.) is my prediction on cutoff as of now. But candidates above 100 should start preparing for mains and should not wait for results as there are variation in keys and cutoff of UPSC. Actual cutoff speculation can be done after September 20th only.

    Yes it's just a prediction but then it's from @india bhai and it must be treated differently ! feel free to criticize me but then I know it will soothe so many nerves and will help them study till things start to get clear ;)
    कैसे कह दूँ कि हर दुआ बेअसर हो गई,
    जब जब भी रोया, मेरे भोलेनाथ को खबर हो गई ।
  • Yes, the seats have increased. I came to know this through a friend in UPSC selected through CSS. But as per him cut off is around 110-111(gen) and the result date deadline is 19-20 sep. No idea about any other category.
    "Quality is not accidental"
  • Cutoff 107-110

    Result 15 Sept
  • I have learnt reliably that this time upsc has maintaining reservation for OBCs during prelims stage as it was maintaining prior to 2014. The reason being Governments order to upsc regarding this and also paucity of OBC candidates at final recruitment stage. So the OBC cut off will be at least 5 marks less than General category. The center will also increase creamy layer from Rs 6 lakhs to 8 Lakhs from next year. The cut off for General category can be around 102 or 100.
  • edited August 2016
    Insider info:cutoff 112+-2. Result not before 15Sept. Those spreading the 'fact' that "many" didn't study Current affairs despite 30+ Q in last Pre are just being naïve, trying to console selves.

  • Waise he was pretty confident. That's why he told so close range, i.e. 110-111. But I will confirm once again and get back with the information. Till the time let's keep on working hard.
    "Quality is not accidental"
  • Expexted Date Sept 18/19.
    Cut off 105.
  • Cutoff for general category 106-110. And for obc category 102-104. Result date around 25 September.
  • I am deleting anything other than info from this thread. Keep wasting your efforts.
    To be, or not to be, that is the question...
  • Date : 23or 24 sept
    Cut off: 101± 1
    Source very authentic and reliable.
  • Result date :15-20 September( confirmed information)
    No information about cut off.
    Sincerity, Dedication, Honesty
  • Cut off 109 for general...
  • edited August 2016
    Yesterday I talked to my insider. He/she told me that their target date falls in 2nd week of Sept. Cut off not decided yet. Still process is going on. According to him/her crowding in is happening in 100-110 range at top level. I will again talk to him/her after 1st week of Sept. Then clarity on cut off may emerge. He/she had no idea about increase in vacancies. Till then All the best for Mains. Keep preparing.
  • Result on 16 September
    Cut off general 102+|-1
    OBC around 100
    No further information.
    Not open for further questioning.
    People around this range start prep in full swing.
    All the best

  • bhai logo cutoff is 114
    just got to know
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