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Will a clerk from IBPS get time to study for UPSC?

A lot of people here apply for the IBPS PO post & think they can prepare for UPSC too while working? Is it possible to do the same as a clerk? Because even though the salary of a clerk is basically less than half of a PO it would still be good to have some money in hand. Do clerks have to work for a longer time than POs in banks?


  • the job role of a clerk is much less than that of po.you are expected to work only from 10-5 strictly.
    if you can manage your boss,you can leave a bit early too.
    a bank po has more duties.clerks work only during official hours.
    "i am the guy doing my job,you must be the other guy."
  • Padh le bhai >:)
    Yunan-o-Misr-o-Roma Sab Mit Gaye Jahan Se
    Ab Tak Magar Hai Baki Naam-o-Nishan Hamara
    Kuchh Baat Hai Ke Hasti Mit’ti Nahin Hamari
    Sadiyon Raha Hai Dushman Daur-e-Zaman Hamara...jai hind
  • Clerk job better than po from time available for preparation point of view.
    Fixed timing
    7 hours as said above
    Even less if rural posting
  • Yes, you do get time.Its a good post to prepare for UPSC.
    One step,One Punch,One Round At a Time.
    How you do anything is how you do everything.

    PSIR Optional. Aspiring Diplomat.
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