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What might be the gap between OBC and General in the cut off for CS 2016 ??

The gap was more than 10 marks in 2013, 1 mark in 2014, and 1,33 in 2015 . Will this decreasing trend continue ?? Has anything changed in the last one year which might alter this trend ??


  • In the last one year many protests for inclusion into OBC happened, but i am not aware whether they were included. The jat community was removed from OBC, do not know whether they were included back.

    General/Open category: 110 (+ or – 3)
    OBC: 105 (+ or – 3)
    SC: 100 (+ or – 3)
    ST: 95 (+ or – 3)
    This is the info by http://answerkeycutoffmarks.in/vajiram-ravi-upsc-2016-prelims-answer-key-set-a-b-c-d-check-here-cutoff-marks/#upsc_2016_IAS_Prelims_Expected_Cutoff_marks . The difference between OBC and gen is 5.

    Any comment is very much appreciated
  • Same or more than general. But it will not be less than general in any case worst it might be 1 marks lower
  • Same or more than general. But it will not be less than general in any case worst it might be 1 marks lower

    more than general !! What are you talking about ??
  • 2012- Gap was 20 marks
    2013- gap was 15 marks
    2014- Gap was 1 mark !! (reason attributed was that Jat was accounted as OBC in 2014
    2015- Gap was 1.33 marks (reason for the smaller gap unknown to me)
    2016 - ??
  • Variation in marks is more than last year. While last year marks were concentrated in 95-115, this time it's 100-135(even more than 135) it might impact the difference between general and obc leading to a slight increase - may be from earlier 1 mark to 2 or 3 marks.
    It may not be the case also.
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