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MAP questions - Geography Optional



  • why u guys stopped doing this. It was a good initiative. would prove to be of great help to aspirants .. i am a newbie here..i wanna participate too
  • Thanks for bringing this up. How is everyone doing on this? I've not looked into maps for last 1 month (big mistake) but I did note some prominent places in newspaper -
    65. Thoubal multipurpose hydel project in Thoubal district (Manipur) stalled by MoEF.
    66. Vishwamitri river is a seasonal river which flows east to west between the Mahi and Narmada rivers in Gujarat, India. It originates in Pavagadh Hills. Recently flood in south gujarat.
    67. Taraimarh (chhattisgarh) / Dharamjaigarh hills (Chhattisgarh) / Niyamgiri hills (Odisha) - Vedanta mining rejected by gram sabha
  • i couldn't find vishwamitri river in oxford???
  • Tipaimukh Dam - on Barak River - Manipur - An Embankment Project got concern from Bangladesh and The indigenous tribes
  • 68. Tiruvattiyur : Here recently chola painting have been found.it is near to chennai.
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    Guys can someone help regarding map locations in districts that they ask.
    Is there any particular trend that they follow or they ask randomly each year.
    Like they are asking one location from gujrat and jharkhand from last 3 years.
  • Previous Years Map pointing questions (1991-2009) courtesy (Vision IAS)
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    ALOT OFPLCAES LIKE PAWAPURI etc. was from there.


    Moderator Note:Avoid block letters
  • Uran Creek in Navi Mumbai - Recent Oil spill
  • Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei's capital)
    Kalinga Patnam (Andhra Pradesh) a coastal village and accommodates a port

  • @saga... dear, we don't have world map in syllabus :D :)
    good morning !! jaago..
  • @Rachel_Green thnx!! while going thru East Asian summit i got that !!!!!! jst for general knowledge!
  • Hi guys,

    There is no world map section so dont put world map places.

    Only Indian places...
  • 71. Dhela River In Aam Pokhra Range of Terai West Forest Division near Corbett National Park(June 2nd)
    72. Astamudi Lake Asramam Banks of the lake in Kollam
    73. Vashist Situated on the banks of Ravi and known for its hor spring baths and stone and wood carved temples(came on 5th June)
    74. Rudra Prayag District Uttarakhand: recent floods
    75. Chamoli District Uttarakhand: recent floods
    76. Chumar in Ladakh, 50 chinese soldiers intruded into Indian territory
    77. Dudhwa National Park in UP-Nepal Border Highest density of Bengal Tiger Population: Terai Region
    78. Valmiki National Park in UP-Nepal Border Highest density of Bengal Tiger Population: Terai Region
    79. Nardawe Dam Built on small west flowing river in Sindhudurg district
    80. Pattanam Site of and ancient village of North Kochi Kerala
    81. Ajmal River Tributary of Narmada: recently in news about raising water level of Indira Sagar Dam
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    friends urgent, just inform me what kind blank map upsc provide, means .. does it have coordinates marked or coordinates grid lines? or is it completely blank without any coordinate or so ? effort appreciated, thanks
  • its complete blank till now...size of paper is A3(nearly) ... paper quality is also good..there are no gridlines
  • In paper1 also map is mentioned, does that mean we will get india map for both papers?? pls reply
  • sar .. thanks
    jusIAS .. maps question will come only in paper 2, not such thing in paper 1, that note in syllabus is for map que in paper 2.
  • 82.mahan ,singrauli district reliancs power plant
    83.rajaji national park , uttaranchal became me tiger reserve
    84.charanka , patan gujarat largest solar plant of country
    85.vankusawade ,satara ,MH larget wind power facility
    86.canal solar project, Chandrasan village mehsana district ,gujarat
  • 87. Rangachang , south andaman ,early tsunami warning system installled recently
    88. kempegowda international airport ,devenhalli (banglore) karnataka
    89.parwan dam .jhalawar district in rajasthan
    90.Nag river , nagpur district ,maharastra
    91. Panchanve river in Bihar

    All these sites were in news in last one year
  • 92. Kymore plateau , M.P. wheat rice agroclimatic zone
    93. Rollapadu ,karnool ,great indian bustard sanctuary
  • The national tiger conservation authority (NTCA) has granted approval to following tiger resrves
    94. Pilibhit- UP
    95. Ratapani- MP
    96.sunebeda - Odisha
    97. mukundhara Hills - rajasthan
    98. Satyamanglam TN

    Final Approval has been given to
    99. Kudremukh - Karnataka
  • has anyone marked them on map and written about previous ones...
    time is getting lesser each passing moment
    Please put in more locations and their descriptions if possible
    Effort is highly appreciated
    Thanks in Advance
  • Finally hundredth Location
    100. Ganjam District - Odisha......Phailin Cyclone
  • Here is how to write about map locations....
    Please correct if i m wrong....these locations are different from above ones...
    i hav done just first 30 locations....if anyone is willing to share.. please put ur locations here or send to sarveshregis@gmail.com
    thanks in advance
    2048 x 1536 - 909K
    2048 x 1536 - 821K
  • would there be entry for world map in 2013 . As per new syllabous world entry wouldn't be there ...Please calrify if someone is sure.
  • 1 ghante baad dekhte hain... kitne faste hain :D
    Yunan-o-Misr-o-Roma Sab Mit Gaye Jahan Se
    Ab Tak Magar Hai Baki Naam-o-Nishan Hamara
    Kuchh Baat Hai Ke Hasti Mit’ti Nahin Hamari
    Sadiyon Raha Hai Dushman Daur-e-Zaman Hamara...jai hind
  • Ek bhi kaam nahi aaya
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