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How to start a career in a coaching as faculty in delhi?

Hi friends!
Yesterday I saw pamphlet of Mr Sachin Jain (AIR 286). He is teaching in kumar IAS and got selected this year in his last attempt. I have written mains several times and also gave interview once. I feel that I have good enough knowledge to teach students now. I can also prepare simultaneously.

How can a fresher like me get a break in a coaching as faculty?
Are there any coachings in delhi which give opportunities to freshers ? If yes, please name them.
How much can I earn per month?
Is payment lecture wise or on monthly basis?


  • Every year the number of students landing in Delhi for IAS preparation is increasing and all coachings want to cash in on this incoming junta and expand their business. Thats why many classes of same institute is being opened in Delhi in different part of city. For expanding branches they need more teachers.

    Apart from that there are new institutes mushrooming up every new month. These also need a lot of teachers.

    Apart from that there is an exponential growth of Online teaching. In good old days there was one Mrunal and Forum IAS which was not so known. But now there are many others like IAS Baba, Insights, GS Score, GK Today, Khan Academy etc. Oh i forgot Roman Saini and many other IAS officers who have started their own sites.

    So, there is a demand for teachers and you can see the poor quality of teachers in these institutes.

    Now, one of my friend has himself got hired into this business and then later he opened his own coaching. How he got it?

    Firstly, he made a list of coaching institutions. List included 30. He went to them one by one in 2-3 days and gave them his info on A4 sheet (printed of course) and talked to their directors. He even offered to make Current affairs material for them. Initially, one low quality coaching gave him Current Affairs job. He made calls to 3 coachings every day. Then he got a call within two three weeks from 3-4 institutes and they wanted to interview him. He interviewed with them and secured job at 3 institute. Now the problem was how much money to ask. He made a ranking of the coachigns according to perception of students about those institutes. He told the lowest ranking coaching that highest ranking coaching is paying him Rs 8k per class and he would work there if the rates given by them are not more than this amount. They told him they are ready to pay him 10k and so he called the middle ranking coaching and told them that he is getting 10k. So they increased it to 12k. And finally he called the highest ranking and they said they can only pay 12k and not more. So he called the lowest ranking and told them the deal made by highest ranking one. They said that they will pay him 15k but not more as that would go beyond their limit. When my friend didnt call the highest ranking coaching for a week. They called him and asked waht was going on and he told he decided to go for money and joined a bit relatively less known coaching with 15k. So they said we will match that figure and now he got 15k at a good reputed coaching for one class. He took 4-5 class per month in different batches for a year with increasing pay.

    Finally when he got selected, he was getting 20k per class and has opened his coaching which was running for a year.

    So, initially u can get 10k per class very easily if you have the requisite knowledge and you go prepared in every class.

    Rest is your hard work and talent.
  • What is usual pay of selected candidates like? Per hour pay? Say payment for teaching 4 hrs or 8 hrs or 12 hrs per week? Candidate in Top 100. And which coachings take such candidates as they would be available only for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Bakar ke alawa bhi koi sahi info de do @DrKingSchultz and @banned
  • New batches are starting from july so this is perhaps the right time to apply. New coachings with 2-3 years in market and 100-200 students may give some worthwhile opportunity.
  • @banksy_

    Can you give us an idea of what was the profile of your friend like? Did he have any teaching experience when he first applied? Had he cleared Prelims?
  • How to approach such institutes? I mean which institues. Definitely vaji ram and ravi wont be counting on novices like us having no teaching experience.
  • FACULTY REQUIRED FOR THE GENERAL STUDIES SUBJECT IN A REPUTED COACHING INSTITUTE AT DELHI LOCATION. Preference would be given to the Candidates appeared Mains Exams of the Union/ State Civil Services , State Judicial Services Exams .
    Contact with YOURS ACACDEMIC DETAILS to the Director,
    Contact no.: 9810724991.
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