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Crack strategy for Philosophy - Learnings from CSM-2015

Hi Guys,
As we know, the marks of Philosophy (particularly in Paper-1) were way below expectations. I came across many people who have scored above 100 in earlier attempts but secured 40/50 marks less in CSM-2015. For eg: Below is a post on ForumIAS (not mentioning the name as I have not taken permission from him)

Paper 1- 98 (last year 140)
Paper 2-110(last year 130)

There are many stories like this. However, some people who have secured above 240 or so during both CSM-2014 and CSM-2015. This shows that there must be some strategy or factor which has worked consistently for high scoring people. So please answer questions below to help us understand strategy for Philosophy.

General Question for anyone who has given mains in Philosophy in any year.

Question: Based on your experience, what strategy (Selection of Indian Philosophy or Western Philosophy in Paper-1 OR Writing your own language than Patanjali/Mitra or other coaching notes OR adding material from reference books etc) has worked for Philosophy and what has not worked ? Members are free to add any information relevant to understand strategy of Philosophy.

Specific Questions for those who have given CSM-15.

Q1) Marks Obtained versus Correct Attempt in Paper-1 and Paper-2 in CSM-15?

Q2) What was your medium of Mains Examination in CSM-15?

Q3) In CSM-15, which questions you selected from Paper-1. Indian Philosophy or Western Philosophy? If possible please give the question number.

Q4) In CSM-15, which questions you selected from Paper-2 ? Please provide question number.

Q5) In CSM-15, did you solely rely on Patanjali/Mitra/coaching notes OR added significant (>10 percent) content from reference Books also. If yes, then in which topic/questions/sections ?

Q6) In CSM-15, did you write your own view points in Paper 1? If yes, then in which topics/questions/sections. For eg: In Buddhism, if we write - "Though Buddhist is scientific philosophy but for practical level, change is not noticable and irrelevant many times". This is our view point and not Buddha's.

Q7) In CSM-15, did you write your own view points in Paper 2? If yes, then in which topics/questions/sections.

Thank you ..Cheers


  • Bro need time to give ans all these questions..
  • i too have these specific questions in mind.....took philosophy for the 1st time and scored poorly, 163 (total)......those who have high scores please help......thanx in advance
    My philosophy in essence is concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, productive achievement as his noblest activity and reason as his only absolute.
  • arvind said:

    Bro need time to give ans all these questions..

    @Arvind : it's fine. Write it down whenever you get time. But please write as it will help fellow members. Thanks .
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