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plz share ur Botany marks in CSE mains 2015.

Plz share ur botany marks in CSE mains 2015.


  • p1-126 p2 -123
  • @tanya. .cud u plz add up zoology too.
  • p1 - 102
    p2- 84 :( ...........pta nhi kya kha ke copy chek kri thi
  • tanya7777 said:

    Plz share ur botany marks in CSE mains 2015.

    Debya jyoti...Rank 26
    Botany- (P1+P2) = 271
  • p1-126 p2 -123

    Can u tell me about u in detail....last year Botany marks?
    I got 102+84= 186 only...sahi to likha tha ..pta nhi marks kam kyo diye.......Plz..enlighten us...
  • Connect with theory. See them again and again, draw them and practice. When u try to recall a topic try visualizing diagrams.
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  • Any bdy who cleared exam wid zoology.
  • How you people remember so many diagrams , any tip?:neutral: :worried: :tired_face:

    Engineers nahi hai na ye log isiliye! :D
  • @Captain_Peroxide there is a watsapp group but its not active, No discussions, i dnt knw why. Anyways for answer writting i can do last yr papers.
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  • U*
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  • edited May 2016
    let us start a new thread for botany vecharik khumb at forum ias.i have just completed my zoobot syllabus now lets time to check it.we all hibernating spiecies shud swear to make this thread alive till 2017 atleast.disclaimer- botany is highly technical cum interesting more scoring cum volatile subject only science graduate with fair knowledge shud opt it.
    "revision is just like a paan leaves
    if it wudn't be turned continously it wud have rotten

    similarly... if the revision has n't been done repeatedly it wud have forgotten".

  • Sure, or do some merging kinda thing there are few on botany and agri. But all inactive, or if u r starting new one combine agriculture also.
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  • Ok start a new one, which dnt die soon.
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  • @bhunwal last year my optional was public administration. I have done my MS.c in botany
  • How you people remember so many diagrams , any tip?:neutral: :worried: :tired_face:

    try to practice drawing diagram specially from thallophyta, bryophyta and pderidophytes
  • Any WhatsApp group for botany optional?
  • hello everyone... any feedback on Evolution Botany notes? I had enquired at their office today and they are charging 12K only for the notes. If anyone could tell me if these notes are worth it... And if anyone else is interested too in buying the notes, we can dutch the price and get the notes... TIA! :)
  • @shailendrabamaniya can u please share ur botany strategy to simplify preparation
    my email is
  • Hii, 2017 is my very first attempt and can anyone help me with any link where i can get some sample answers of botany optional exam papers for IAS mains and also if somebody has link for mains test series of evolution??
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