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Distribution of key natural resources across the World - South Asia & Indian Subcontinent

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This topic "Distribution of key natural resources across the World - South Asia & Indian Subcontinent" is in GS Paper - 1
I am sure Stardust and other senior members like S_deepam , partho, alexiaaicha , sheen must have figured how how and where to do this from.

Can someone suggets booklist for this?

Some online reosurces will be very helpful and more desired as it is difficult to sort out limited topics from books, usually.

@moderators , Pls keep this thread intact even if it has been discussed elsewhere so that we have entire resouces in one place.. I have linked in a manner that it will also appear in google search wen people search for Distribution of key natural resources across the World - South Asia & Indian Subcontinent, so that more and more people can benefit from it.


  • Eric, stardust and others, pls share what you're planning to do for it.
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    I have not started with world geography till now. I plan to stick with my GS manual and Majid Hussain's World Geography. For distribution of resources and industries, I might spend a few hours on the internet and make my own notes.

    Someone with Geography as their optional can give better direction for these new sections of the syllabus.
  • I covered most of it before prelims from NCERTs and surrender singh.

    salient features of worlds' geography-ncert 11(fundamentals of physical geography)+this blog has good compilation of concise and comprehensive notes

    distribution of natural resources-NCERT(6-9)-they cover various continents nd countries+surender singh(tmh).....for india vajiram notes are good as they cover recent data and figures

    factors responsible for tertiary..primary..etc-NCERT+surender singh(this book covers it exhaustively so a line has to drawn to prevent info overload)

    earthquakes,tsunami etc--GCL+surender singh and net search for some dynamic topics

    bottomline is covering NCERT word by word+ selective reading of any good comprehensive geog book.i like surrender singh(tmh)...I made notes out of them as it will help to remember facts.
    Ex-railwayman,Indian Police service
  • @Eric

    You mentioned NCERT(6-9). Are they the old NCERTs or the new ones?
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    You mentioned NCERT(6-9). Are they the old NCERTs or the new ones?
    I referred the old ncerts..the only problem was with the data..so updated that from Wikipedia and net..also certain parts like west asia are not covered in old ncerts.
    Ex-railwayman,Indian Police service
  • Thanks you @Eric bhai and others, i will take a look at savinder singh..not sure of i will have the patience to go through all NCERTs.. thanks a lot again for the quick response.
  • hi also tat leong and morgan world geography book reagarding world resources
  • I feel Majid Hussain-Indian Geography and Khullar are bit of over-kill for GS current syllabus, esp since I've Vajiram notes for Indian Geography. Agree?

    Any specific topics for which we should refer either book?
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