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Is it possible to prepare for Upsc while working as a grade A officer in Sidbi??

Is it possible to prepare for Upsc while working as a grade A officer in Sidbi?
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  • well nothing is impossible in this world ..but it also depends upon your work .. what work schedule is there for a grade A offier in sidbi ,is it too hectic?
    कृपया यहां ज्ञान न बांटे यहां सभी ज्ञानी है
  • I don't know the details as of now
  • Yeah, very much possible. You have a good job ( if you are selected ), don't fall to this bait that you need to be unemployed to clear this exam. Go to orn or mn and see the condition of the students there. 4 hours everyday is good enough.
  • If u have prepared before and have written mains two three times then it is possible to prepare for further attempts with any kind of job.but it would very difficult if u are starting from scratch.i cleared sidbi exam in 14 but didnt join because i was new to upsc back then.but now won't think twice as i have already writtens mains twice as well as studied and completed majority part of mains syllabus.
    As far as work load is concerned then see sidbi reviews on Glassdoor.also if have the option of joining lic then it would be much better as its reviews are better plus it offers u the same salary with less workload
  • I had given the exam last year but couldn't clear prelims
  • VJ said:

    I had given the exam last year but couldn't clear prelims

    Then if u have good hold over ur optional subject then u should join.if not then it would be difficult to balance both job and mains prep simultaneously. also even with good prep there is no guarantee that u would clear bear these things in mind before making informed decision.if u want my opinion then i would say that if u age on ur side and can take risk for another year then its better to prepare without job,but if u are not willing to do so then there is no harm in joining sidbi
  • Optional doesn't pose any threat in my case, GS does. Anyways thanks for your input guys :)
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