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Is Sanjiv Verma's book sufficient for preparing Economy?

Would be grateful if someone could give a review for 'The Indian economy' by Sanjiv Verma. Would it suffice for the exam?


  • @gill1992 yeah it would suffice but only as basic reading, secondly, for more comprehensive knowledge read 12 five year plan and Economic survey, also you can refer ncert for basics and yojana, newspaper for current part.
  • gill1992 said:

    Would be grateful if someone could give a review for 'The Indian economy' by Sanjiv Verma. Would it suffice for the exam?

    Should one read that book? By all means yes.

    Will it be sufficient? No.

    Preparing Economy for UPSC Prelims and Mains will require doing some basic book such as Sanjiv Verma's AND supplementing it with issues from The Hindu - Business page.

    Please do not expect to have one single source that will cover a vast topic like Economy. You will have to read it from more than one source.

    Having said that, stop looking for "the ultimate source" and stick to the book that you currently have. Read and re read it. Then, add to it by doing Hindu regularly.

    When you appear for the Mains, you may also take a look at Sriram's Economy Notes. They are very good and cover things end to end. ( It may not be apt for a beginner though - it may be very intimidating at first )
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    @Neyawn @ampri Thanks a lot!!
  • Thanks
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    i never read any book for GS economy.....and never faced any issue either....

    i just read the economy articles series on to clear my basics like CRR, SLR etc.,,,,,and now regularly follow the current developments in economy in news....
  • @Hiddenspade @Neyawn bro is it necessary to do mrunal vids? Actually i am on time crunch..just following any standard book plus CAs will it suffice? Atleast for prelims if not mains!!!
  • not much needed to do videos if u have time crunch....but u shud be in habit of reading atleast one economy article of mrunal daily....these articles were published in 2010/2011....and are very interesting.....recent mrunal articles on economy like of 2015 r built up on those basics and r more CA oriented.....
  • @Hiddenspade if you dont mind can you please post the link for mrunal articles?

    first read the articles with the tag [Economy] ....then proceed ahead
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