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Recently the result for the UPSC mains examination came out, like every year's result this time too UPSC surprised the aspirants but with a higher the intention behind writhing this article is to get the Answers for the Questions which got stuck in my mind. This year mains result came out exactly on 58th day. The gap between the last year's result and this year is very huge around more than 50 days, i am not denying the fact that last year result was delayed because of the 'Jat Reservation' issue but if we look at the regular time period that the UPSC takes for every year mains result is around 3 months but this year the time period is deviated. What caused this deviation?
UPSC is one of the reputed independent bodies which formed under the Indain Constitution and the Indian Civil Services is one of the strongest, popular and mightiest in the world. Despite many irregulaties and gambling's happened in the State Public Service Commissions for the Group-I and the other posts recruitment (in the upsc too in the past rather rumors circulated so), all this has not damaged the reputation of the UPSC. But here the question is how much Transparency is there in the recruitment of USPC Civil Services. We the aspirants fully agreed and have confidence on the recruitment process of UPSC but what we have is no SATISFACTION and CONFUSION .
I can justify this with some case studies which i have observed very closely for the past four years in my circle(and my friends circle & so on). I agree fully that many things have to come and work in tandem to crack this prestigious exam like hard work, Good analytical ability, familiar topics in examination, writing skills, stable mind etc., but beyond these an 'element of LUCK' is playing a major role in the examination what not only aspirants but many intellectuals feel. Once a retired IAS officer(who had 30 years of service) in my class said this "if you get selected for IAS, Just feel that you are lucky'.
Case Studies: 1. Last year an Aspirant who got rank between 100-150 now has not qualified for the interview.
2. An Aspirant who got rank two times and went for interview 4 times in the past has not qualified for the interview this year.
3. Aspirants who got already joined in service(some are IPS,IRS,IRTS etc) did not get the interview call.
Of course, i strongly agree to the critics criticism that getting through the mains examination depends on how they were strong in their preparation in they particular year and how effectively they answered the questions in the examination. but why this happened with all of them? whether it was a mere co-incidence or a clandestine deliberation or in-effectiveness of the paper corrector in understanding the answers, Because it is not known to any one how many papers will be evaluated every day. i may be wrong in interpreting all these but an average aspirant who devoted at least 3 to 5 crucial years of his life for this prestigious examination never be satisfied until and unless UPSC shows some transparency and gives some clarity regarding of the recruitment process.
Instead of the Hard Work if the 'element of LUCK' is the deciding factor to get through this exam, it will do a lot of damage for the very fabric of this nation( at least in the Administration wing). Once the serious aspirants who invested their time and energy lose confidence on the institutions what they believed and trusted(if there are any real errors in the recruitment) in. It is very much difficult for the very same institutions to revive their confidence. It is upto the Democratic Governments and the UPSC to show some respect and transparency in the Examination and towards the Aspirants time.
A simple question....Why don't the UPSC give the model answers after the completion of whole recruitment procedure???


  • im posting this not with a frustration on upsc or some other but just to find the answers for my many question.,,,,
  • Those who are already in service may have devoted less time,may be they have missed by 2-3 marks,may be this time their essay didn't fell in sync with examiner,may be those who have missed earlier by 2-3 marks got through and yes there is luck factor in this game,no doubt about that.
  • I am also thinking same thing.i am hindi medium aspirant and was interviewed in 2013.they are not giving enough time in evaluation.
  • Transparency has several scales. When it comes to Upsc the premises of transparency are in form of:
    1. Their giving out each individual's marks.
    2. Putting out rank list and
    3. Cut off marks.

    The opaqueness of the procedure comes in the matters of:
    1. Process of scaling accross optionals. Which is most speculative and

    2. Giving out written answer sheet which is cumbersome, so acceptable.
  • They're really very very transparent. They're the epitome of transparency in India. They're more transparent than thin air even, possibly.
    Dead and departed general caste player. RIP.
  • lol.They have not even released official answer key for 2016 yet.They

  • .....
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