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Social Media fight against Decreasing the UPSC Vcancies

i have never been on FB/Twitter since i stated CSE prep. I have permanently deleted the accounts and will be creating a new twitter account to take this issue via social media i.e Digital India.

it is my humble request to the members who are active on social media regarding the age increase issue and other reasons kindly guide us how to approach the problem.

a small brief for those who have missed the BIG NEWS

http://ccis.nic.in/WriteReadData/CircularPortal/D2/D02adm/Scan_JS.pdf this was the circular/notice send by DOPT to all ministries and departments on 21 Jan 2016 asking for their view on cap in direct recruitment(DR) in CSE examination.

The PROPOSAL aims at reducing the DR to mere 3%.

The time provided to the concerned ministries to reply and express their opinion is mere 7 days considering the fact 24,26,31st jan is vacation(sunday and Republic day). The notice in clear words(Point 3 of the notice) says In case no reply is received from the ministry/department by 31st jan it would be ASSUMED that the Deaprtment has NO OBJECTION to the proposal.

Kindly share your opinions/action plan on how to tackle this menace via social media in peaceful and dignified manner without abusing any minister/person involved.

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Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering.


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    even standing committee has said in its report to strengthen the ifs.
    now either govt or standing committee is bc.
    but i think govt is taking absurd decision.
    irs is not needed to evaluate the tax return mostly done by lower officer. they r needed to increase tax base, speedy disposal of appeals etc so when india has less people in tax net and more black money the need is to strengthen the IRS.
  • Language of the document makes everything clear. It's a foregone conclusion. It's a victory of the subordinate bureaucracy over the higher level. Those already in service care a damn and those outside are too weak and disorganised to put up any kind of resistance.

    Unki marzi hai ke woh implement karenge. Jise jo ukhadna hai ukhad le.

    Moreover, the partisans in the media would not interfere. It serves them to further the leash on the bureaucracy by the political bosses.

    Look for a job outside government - preferably outside India.
    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
  • LoL.
    Wonderful news.
  • its nt easy to get momentum so fast... better contact with some guys who carried anti csat protests...there is a social media group chatra adhikar manch...primarily it is a hindi students rights group..
  • Can anyone explain in layman terms what actually the issue is?
  • ABVP will not retweet a word and the need of NSUI and CYSS along with SFI, AISA and AISF is high. Can anyone in JNU bring this to the notice of the later groups. And a concerted twitter campaign can only be viable if we have around 1000 Twitterati tweeting around the same time. Even few journalists can help but they are too much idiotic to be of any help. Can this be synced with the protest for age relaxation to gather few more voices. Age relaxation without any post is not of much use.
  • In corporate jobs, I know how they recruit lateral entries but I am not able to understand how is this lateral entry gonna work in civil services? Can somebody please enlighten me.
  • Kisi ne ek bhi tweet kiya ho bta dena...I'll twit and ask my other frns(non cse ppl) to re tweet....Paste the link here,which need to be tweeted...
  • sreaan said:

    In corporate jobs, I know how they recruit lateral entries but I am not able to understand how is this lateral entry gonna work in civil services? Can somebody please enlighten me.

    2 WORDS FOR YOU : ghoomta darwaaza
  • Bhai if we really want to get this decision reversed, we should present this policy of govt as" assault on employment opportunities for the dalits, adivasis and backward castes. Govt wants to decrease public employment and increasingly privatise the govt sector where disadvantaged sections will not get reservation". This way more parties will protest against this decision as every party needs votes of disadvantaged sections. And both the reserved category as well as general category aspirants will benefit.
  • Aab tho samay hai sirf revolution ka..they cant play wth our lives..hum tho thak gaye hai upsc aur sarkari naukrion ke recruitment se..even ssc ka re exam ho raha hai,arey kya kuch exam achche se conduct nahi kar sakte e gov..tho private sector se logon ko lakar kya karegi y cant govt understand dat ours is a developing country..health,education ka paisa kam kar diya..1000 farmer suicides in maharastra..no concern..arey 25% indians r craving for food..think abt them n many cse aspirants rural background,wth huge dreams n u r shattering them..i dont think dat these measures wil lead u any where..arey y u r nt eyeing d ground reality..focus on it..digital india,start up india pet nahi bharega..pehle first india mein har kisa ka pet bharo bhai..then v can talk abt high profile developments..
  • No more support to bjp.. bhak..
    I vow to win.... !!!
  • Guys we need to do all possible in order to stop this shit policy of this tuchiya government from getting implemented. BJP _|_
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    Simple solution to clear the doubts is to ask the question in the winter parliament session . put the question in the ears of opposition members and higher bureaucrats first , jis jis ka link ho, relatives , family member etc

    Please don't jump to the conclusion yet ,
    revolution wali baatey and anti govt approach will not help our cause. pehle clear to ho whole issue hai kya . aa gaye sab bandook le kar ;)

    I just talked to one known uncle in politics , but he belongs to shiv sena, thats ruling party, :neutral:
    he clearly said " ke beta yeh sab administration me chalta rehta hai, rooj 50 reports aati hai on these kind of things, but jo reports media ke haat lag jati hai woh bawaal kar deti ha bekar ka"

    Please maintain peace and keep studying , faltu depression me mat jao, aur yaha forum par har baat ka issue ban jata hai. nothing new :p

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
  • We should let this news reach max possible members of civil society and high echelons of bureaucracy along with media personnel.

    One one hand they are generating hopes for extra attempts while actually curtailing the no of intakes which defeats the purpose of fair and just treatment. This is not justified.
    Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering.
  • Han to btao bhai logon Andolan Part 2 shuru karein(part 1 Mains postponement wala tha :p )
    koi message likho Twitter par main post kardunga Modi sahab aur congress k pas.. uske bad retweet karte rehna sab..
    Ex-ID @Bhediya
  • Hum modi jo ko laane waale hain, ch***** banne waale hain.
  • ka hua bhai kisi ko andolan nahi karna h kaa sab farzi me gaa rahe ho eehan..humri angrezi achi nahi h koi yahan par likho ka likhna h Twitter par fir chedte h andolan is naainsafi k khilaf..ka pta dept wale bhi objection kar de iske bad.. :p
    Ex-ID @Bhediya
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    In later 1990s, it was atal bihari era which executed that dopt order.
    Again bjp has continued to haunt the ias exam.
    In early 2000s, vacancies used to be 200s to 300s only.
    They want the same thing again.
  • edited January 2016

    In later 1990s, it was atal bihari era which executed that dopt order.
    Again bjp has continued to haunt the ias exam.
    In early 2000s, vacancies used to be 200s to 300s only.
    They want the same thing again.

    biggest misconception.....it was supreme court's order that resulted in reduction of vacancies at the time of vajpayee.... read page 11 of following report http://persmin.nic.in/DOPT/Publication/CommitteeReport/BaswanReport/BaswanReport.pdf
    1360 x 563 - 39K
  • Kahe jal rahe ho be :D :D
    Sab aise behave kar rahe ho jaise 1000 seats aayi toh sab top 100 mein rahoge ;)
    Bhai competition hai..jitni seat aaye utne me compete karo.
    Civil services ko life aur death ka issue mat banao ;)
    Ye toh wahi baat ho gayi..jo qsn aaya tha ethics paper mein - political party wala ja k bola seat badhao aur humare 40 logo ko naukari do :D :D
    कसूर ना उनका है ना मेरा, हम दोनो रिश्तों की रसमें निभाते रहे;वो दोस्ती का एहसास जताते रहे, हम मोहबत को दिल में छुपाते रहे।
    @summum bonum
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