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GKToday's 2013 mains program members gather here

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Hi. I am a member of gktoday's 2013 mains program & i know many of you have also joined it. I guess most of you are job doing guys or are preparing by self study. So, i thought why not we make a facebook group or something like that where we can track our progress & can share our doubts. That way we will remain motivated & will gain from the insightful discussions.


  • I dont know about their mains program , but yes I used to refer to their website more often. Will come up with queries soon ;)
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  • @Oceanus :
    I have also joined and yes you guessed it right, it is work and self study for me .Nonetheless , instead of making a facebook group it would be advisable to stick here only as facebook has a lot of distractions ;

    Regarding the program: they have sent 1 doc on Indian culture so far , here I would like to know, whether you are referring to their culture doc. only or in addiction to spectrum's? ,
  • @vayam ok.. we will discuss here only.. i m sticking only to their doc, since the time is less & course is huge.
    Have u completed the first doc?
  • @Oceanus: I concur with you there; haven't completed yet ; will try completing by today evening
  • @all, how is the material?
  • Hi all !
    i have also joined GKToday's program for the mains !
    though i have not started with the first one.. will complete it tomorrow..
  • @Ucanwin: If the material of Delhi based coaching institutes are inaccessible to you ,then you can go for GKT ;However, like any other notes, these will need to be supplemented with standard books .

  • i have also joined it.
  • I am also planning to join it, but it would be nice if anyone can upload the first doc on culture so that all can go through it and people like me can decide abt joining it.
  • @Sam_CB : Buddy ,If you can't lay your hands on those Delhi wallah coaching institutes' notes , you can go for it. Although,I wont be able to upload their notes but let me do a briefing: Their notes for conventional subjects are good , but when it comes to current affairs and news analysis keeping in mind the question pattern of UPSC , they do really good!

    @Oceanus : I am done with their 1st doc. bud, but I think it mandates multiple revisions in order to get it by heart.
  • @vayam I have completed it too. Now going for its revision. I am wondering what could be the best way to do that.. just rereading??
  • @Oceanus: I have tried noting down the important point, but that just takes too much of time.
  • @vayam Ya.. i was trying that too but since it is full of info, that will take hell of a time. I think better would be to highlight the important points & while rereading try to correlate the info with common sense or what we know already.
  • @shekhar2013 @shubhu11 what are ur updates?
  • @Oceanus i think that the material is really superb. i have finished reading the first stuff.
  • @shekhar2013 @vayam are u guys doing writing practice too?
  • I have also joined ... starting with first document
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  • @Oceanus not exactly , but due to paucity of time I just write a framework of answers to the questions given at the start of the docs.
  • @all: how are you all approaching other parts of the syllabus ?
  • @all will gktoday's modules suffice ? Modules on only 'select topics' are being offered...
    I heard from a friend that's modules for GS mains are good. Does anybody know anything about it ?
  • edited June 2013
    @vayam other parts = pre 2013 material + ncert
  • I have joined in too!

    I will start with the 1st module today.
    Second attempt in 2014 | Management
  • I am not one of those in the league to discuss a perfect strategy, yet. So, please forgive me for the naive question.
    So, here is the situation. My current level of preparation is regular news papers (like I was doing from years, nothing special for civil s) and obscure reading of previous topper's blogs. Let's say that I am giving the exam this year, only with an aim to maximize score.
    I will join GK Today's program and read every one of their documents thoroughly. I will couple it with regular news papers, magazines. Will this be enough to cover all the corners of GS syllabus provided I do not touch any other so called standard books and without coaching?
  • @all will gktoday's modules suffice ? Modules on only 'select topics' are being offered...
    I heard from a friend that's modules for GS mains are good. Does anybody know anything about it ?
    Aren't their modules covering the entire syllabus?
  • @vamsichalla : apparently, no. The gktoday site says
    GKToday will start a 5 months programme for General Studies Papers of Civil Services (Mains) Examination of 2013. The programme starts from June 9, 2013 and comes to at an end tentatively by November 6, 2013.

    This programme comprises approximately 50 Modules on select topics from the syllabi of General Studies Paper-I, II and III of the mains examination
  • edited June 2013
    *quotes not working
  • hello !
    I also wish to join GKToday's mains programme.Can you please tell me if they send the modules as hard copy or soft copy
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  • @nikhitha : GKToday had sent an introductory note at the start of the programme ,which clearly elucidated all the topics to be covered,and from that I can assure you that ,if not all ,then most of the topics are going to be covered in their modules.
    As far as their quality of modules goes,I had been a part of prelims program and those modules were pretty good.Having said that,it also needs mention that they e mail you the modules, preventing the time lag for a man like me who stays in a remote place.
    Nonetheless,be it any coaching institute's program,I look at them more as a light to orient my preparation ,giving equal attention to the standard books.
    But,you are always free to take your decision.

    Hope this helps :)
  • @deep88 only soft copies..
  • I m done with 2nd doc too.. have you guys completed it??
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