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Insights Secure answers and notes from various sources - preferred method of organisation?

Hey guys, those of you attempting Insights regularly online or on paper, would you share your method of organization of the answers? Topic based or date based or any other method? All other notes from newspapers, Yojana and other sources - how to organize the pile of papers? Kindly chip in with ideas :)
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  • Topic based newspaper notes compilation. Read newspaper first thing in the day online news the last thing in the day. Its when u make notes in a separate register. I have GS1, GS2....!
  • one thing i would suggest-if u find insight really tiresome,lengthy exercise den don go by dere plans but by ur own plan.i.e. if today u read on inflation in night just google inflation insightsecure mains n questions will follow answr few.
    talking abt me I use to have 4 registers -science n envt;economics;editorials;ir-polity etc.basd on the Hindu chiefly.
  • Insight secure sirf current affairs ke liye h kya?
    Static GS questions insight me kahan aate h?
  • Bhai aap notes banarahe ho kya hindu me se?
    ca kaahn kahn se pade yaar samaj hi nhi arrha
    Hell yaa
  • @resilience I think this is a good idea. To read up topics and do follow-up questions. Thanks. :)
    Prelims: 2; Mains: 0
  • @Rail_life Notes to har ek resource se (Hindu, Yojana) banana padta hai. Nahi to exam ke pehle bahut mushkil hoti hai revision.
    Prelims: 2; Mains: 0
  • thesheowl said:

    @Rail_life Notes to har ek resource se (Hindu, Yojana) banana padta hai. Nahi to exam ke pehle bahut mushkil hoti hai revision.

    Hindu nhi padajata hai bhai
  • edited January 2016
    @Rail_life The Hindu mein , Editorials ( Jo Raajneeti se jude Editorials hain , unhe to dekhna bhi mat ) , Economy News , International Affairs ki news , Science and Technology ki news --- buss yahi sab padhna hota hai , inke alawa kuch bhi nahi ...

    Shuru mein ho sakta hai thodi dikkat aaye aapko .....Lekin The Hindu padhna chhordiyega mat ....kuch samaya baad khud b khud aaram se padh paayenge aap The Hindu mein wo sab , jo maine abhi bataya ....
  • I prefer to make online notes(easy formatting/editing).
    Preferably in your own words, from anything and everything you come across(specially on the internet), govt reports to Hindu & IE.
    If reading online, highlight/underline in the first read, make notes from only the highlighted portion in the next iteration.
    Extract case studies, some pertinent facts and figures, and pictorial diagrams, which might be helpful in writing answers.
    Keep them structured(what/why/issues/solution), seggregate topic/paper wise, revise them after every fortnight/month.
    But easier said then done, consistent hardwoork is the key. :P
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  • @Kugelschreiber Thank you for the detailed reply! Revision every fortnight - missing here.
    Prelims: 2; Mains: 0
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