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problem in UPSC Mathematics Mains Paper-1

I think there was something missing in UPSC mathematics Paper-I question 6(d). The question is asking to find the time taken. But for that, the function needs to be integrated. The function is not integrable moreover improper. It should have been squarely inversely instead of just inverse . As the same question (with additional word squarely) has been asked twice in previous years. Please give your opinion on that and suggest mechanism for grievance redressal.
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  • Found same thing. Then wrote it as I . And wrote note that solving I(integral) required result can be found. now lets hope examiner would understood it.
  • That was mistake...I did as given in the problem...unable to find left after applying integrable
  • No's solvable the integrated value is root pi by can be found out.
    The Maester with healing touch.
  • Yes the integral would.come.out to be something like (e)^(-k2) which will integrate to root(pi)/2
  • Baki kisi optional ka discussion padho to kuch to samajh aata. Yeha pe kisi dusri duniya ke log baate kar rahe aisa lag raha.
    Musafir hu yaaron... na ghar hai na thikana... mujhe chalate jana hai, bas chalate hi jana hai.........
  • Use Gamma function to integrate...
    Mathematics CSE 2015
  • Yeah. You need to use gamma function to integrate. I thought of it after exam :-(
  • DareDevil said:

    Use Gamma function to integrate...

    its coming...thanks...
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