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Communitarian critique of Rawls theory of justice - political science doubt

Is anyone having good source for Communitarian critique of Rawls theory of justice. I am unable to understand it from gauba. Please reply , exam is on 23.


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  • The communitarian critique of liberalism has been one of the most important developments in recent years, not least because of its apparent potential to generate an alternative moral theory. What makes the communitarians particularly interesting is the apparent similarity of their critical positions regarding liberalism to those of marxist moral theory. Communitarians argue that the autonomous, or 'unencumbered',self of liberalism and modern moral theory is incoherent and unintelligible and requires both an understanding of the situatedness of the individual and reference to substantive conception of the good life. The work that offers the most insight into the relevance of the communitarian critique of liberalism for the recovery of moral themes in Marx's project is Michael Sandel’s Liberalism and the Limits of Justice (1982). Sandel's case is that Rawls's subject is indefensible and hence, since this subject is the cornerstone of' his liberaltheory, the theory itself is incoherent (for a counterpoint to Sandel see Buchanan1989).Sandel argues against the 'unencumbered self’ that Rawls employs in his account of the original position. To stop individuals choosing principles of justice in their own interest, they must be prevented from having knowledge of key aspects of their  personality. For Sandel this account of identity is metaphysically questionable in its assumption that individuals can abstract from their particular attributes and still exist as significantly distinct individuals, since these identities are constituted by the social attachments individuals form. It is difficult to conceive of the individual at all in Rawls's 'veil of ignorance’.9

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    Neutralist liberalism is impossibly abstract since all moral and political perspectivesrest upon an implicit conception of social relations. To abstract from this social foundation is to deny those constitutive experiences go to form-the individual.Communitarian critics are therefore concerned to show that Rawls's appeal to abstract principles threatens to undermine the very attachment to social practices and values which make individuals moral agents.

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    There are differences within the communitarian camp. Whilst most look to salvage'liberal' values from their contractarian and individualist foundation, MacIntyre'srejection of liberalism arid modernity is total (
     After Virtue
    1981 second edition 1984;1988).

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     MacIntyre's rejection of modernity as a moral disaster is total. For MacIntyre, the modern world is irrevocably Weberian in being characterised by bureaucratic rationality, the dichotomy of values and science, and disenchantment.MacIntyre invests his hopes in the recovery of Aristotelian virtue theory, restating theteleological conception of morality. This Aristotelianism offers the basis for aconception of the good which can give an account of what human beings require tolive a truly human life. MacIntyre is thus led to castigate the condition of morality inthe modern world. He argues in favour of the Aristotelian perspective.

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  • M not satisfied with d above answer, can any1 tell me source except gauba
  • Hello every1 m a beginner... wrote an answer want review on dat...
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