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Do general category candidates get 2 extra attempt as promised earlier or will that depend on Baswan

Hi all. I have exhausted 5 attempts and have crossed 30. I am from general category and my last attempt was because of the 2 grace attempts given to us due to change in syllabus. Someone recently told me that only 1 extra attempt is now available and availability of another extra attempt will depend of mercy of Baswan committee.

Can someone please clarify whether I will be able to give my 6 attempt as a general category candidate. Life is already hard and this uncertainty is definitely not making it better.

Any help will be much appreciated.



  • It is 6 /32 Right now.its permanent.u hv one more.dont worry.n if govt takes sympathetic stand we may get more attempts
  • Yes 6/32. I heard that GoI said in 2013 about 2 extra attempts. So, these extra attempts will lapse in 2015. This is what confuses me.
  • 6/32 is to stay. No where it is mentioned that it will elapse in per upsc notification as well as notice from dopt 6/32 is the eligibility as of now. government will review this only on the recommendation of baswan committee..but baswan committee is unlikely to suggest age reduction from 2016.. it would be gradual may be from 2017-2018 or even 2019..please do not panic and spread panic among others too..concentrate on studies..this year 6/32 is to stay or else it would attract huge protests..just think about the following..people here are demanding age relaxation (greater than 32) for candidates who appeared between 2011-14 and on the contrary if government reduces the age that too just 6 months before the exam when people have already left their jobs, convinced their loved ones for one more attempt..this kind of sudden change considering dwindling popularity of government plus UP elections due next year ..why would government want to risk it over age issue..what would government get by reducing it suddenly..if at all the committee find merit in reduced age as an eligibility criteria that would also not be sudden but gradual as I mentioned chill..
  • 6/32 for now. Can't predict the future.
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  • As of now there is no proposal to change it said the minister in parliament (dec 2014).
    To be, or not to be, that is the question...
  • UP elections hai....Koi chance hi nahi banta attempt yaa age kam karne ka.....chill karo aur padho......Dimaag ki shanti bahut jaroori hai is exam ke liye....
  • Bihar mein jo jabardast jhatka laga hai uske baad govt may hesitate to take unpopular decisions. Though committee may give recommendations to lower age and attempt, govt unlikely to accept it.
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