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Issue Debate #22 India-Africa Relations: Development & Security Concerns

edited November 2015 in Issue Debates
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Africa and India do not merely have a shared history, but also a common development and security agenda. In the light of the above statement, discuss the strategic importance of Africa. Also discuss the challenges therein.

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  • Development concerns:
    1. Africa is a resource rich continent. India with cooperation of african countries can help them in extraction of the precious minerals. Thus will provide a new avenue for imports of these precious minerals.
    2. Pulses are grown abundantly in various parts of Africa. India, which is facing shortage of pulses is a potential market.
    3. Exchange of knowledge about commercial livestock farming with the African countries will go a long way in increasing cooperation between India and african countries.
    4. Africa is a major FDI destination for many Indian MNCs. Economic cooperation will result in a favorable investment climate.
    5. With China in economic turmoil, India has enough elbow space to increase its influence in the African continent.

    Security concerns:
    1. Both countries are victims of terrorism. Boko Haram in nigeria and many terrorists groups in India have posed a security challenge. Co operation in anti terrorism will benefit both to fight terrorism effectively.
    2. Cooperation of Africa is needed for fight against piracy.

    And lastly for UNSC reforms, we can fight together for increased representation.
  • India and African nations don't have just diplomatic relationship between them but emotional connections through intersecting history; old ties of kinship, commerce, culture; fabric of common struggle against colonialism; struggle for equality dignity, justice; multi religious and multi ethnic societal values and a shared vision for development.

    Today, geopolitical strategy of India relies heavily on India's reliance on Africa for energy requirements and comprehensive security council reforms, two major things which is essential to become super power in world. Africa as a continent carries a big voice which can not be ignored on global meet corridors and also it is a potential market along with mine of various resources which are needed for India's development and for it's growing demography aspirations. Therefore this assume a critical strategic importance and demands a deepening partnership, strengthening international solidarity and expanding cooperation in all possible realms with countries of African continent.

    Major shared core priorities between two includes
    -Inclusive development
    -Economic growth to eradicate poverty
    -Allocation of adequate resources for sustainable development

    India and Africa both need south - south cooperation of each other for mutual benefit by following the principle of non intervention in domestic affairs to address above issues. This demands primarily a multifaceted and long standing relationship between two. However they are long term targets and like a sign post where two have to go. There are some current challenges which are affecting both countries developmental framework and they are as follows:

    -Access to quality education
    -Skill development
    -Capacity building
    -Affordable healthcare
    -Clean modern energy resources
    -Infrastructure deficit
    -Employment opportunities through development of agriculture( Africa has 60% of global arable land but just produces 10% of global food output), manufacturing and service sector
    -Connectivity(maritime and air)
    -Development of blue and ocean economy
    -Disaster management and disaster risk reduction
    -Climate change and protection to small island nation from sea level rise
    -terrorism and extremism and other security challenges from China and Pakistan(is it ok to mentiins names of countries as such....especially china....we dontt have any concrete evidence to say so....)(plz elaborate)

    Addition both faces investment crunch

    India in last few decades have contributed significantly in continent's peace and progress by providing peacekeeping troops, concessional line of credit, pan African e network, becoming major source of FDI, use of social network for building communities of mutual interest and linkages between people to people. More has to be done if we want to gather energy security and support for sweeping reforms in UNSC and this includes- partnership in providing applications of e governance to LDC, catalysing public purpose projects, financial inclusion and citizen participation; conflict prevention management and resolution and frutiful cooperation when dealing with terrorism in all kinds of its manifestation then only above challenges can be effectively dealt together and dream of acheiving shared core priorites can be achieved.

    In this way Africa assumes a strategic importance for India.

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