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edited October 2015 in SSC


  • dogdog
    edited October 2015
    tell yours
  • PAPER 1-87
    PAPER 2-184
  • PAPER 1-87
    PAPER 2-184
    Paper 1 87 - questions correct or 87 marks ??
    English marks are awesome bro
  • maths - 70 attempt.62-63 correct.
    english- 200 attempt.atleaat 180 correct.
    Rank 42 , CSE 2017

    Live intensely.
    Dont become.Be
  • maths - 74
    english - 196
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • expecting 120-130 in maths...paper was tough for me..practice bhi kiya nhi
    english - 150+...
    don't think i'll get interview call...allah ne chaha to NIP mil sakta hai keval..
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • edited October 2015
    would it affect in any way, if you do not write paper 3? what to do?
    what have you guys planned, dena ya nhi?
    taking steps is easy...standing still is hard
  • edited October 2015
    maths 80
    english 200...around 10 questions were doubtful, lekin attempt kar dale.

    authentic key kab aaegi? please do share.
    taking steps is easy...standing still is hard
  • Maths mein didn't count hardly 40-55 as my ppr was snatched and did 200 in eng with 10 mins to spare.Comfortably beaten yet again :'(
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
  • @sandrokottos bro csp me kya raha result?
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • Maths mein didn't count hardly 40-55 as my ppr was snatched and did 200 in eng with 10 mins to spare.Comfortably beaten yet again :'(
    Why was your paper snatched bro :(
  • CL has uploaded the keys
  • I filled wrong test form no. in paper 1 (1 digit wrong).I panicked and there was no fluid available at the examination centre . Invigilator asked me to keep calm and solve the paper and said that don't worry they take test form number at 3 different places so your paper will be checked .But when i returned home and enquired about it , came to know they outrightly reject such OMRs. Anyone of you has any idea ? Please answer me.

    I attempted 100 in maths and 196 in English .Paper seems okay.
  • This is devastating for me right now .What if they will nt check my pape ?? Its a huge setback. :((
  • This is devastating for me right now .What if they will nt check my pape ?? Its a huge setback. :((
    add to that ... i attempted 70 odd questions in maths with 90% accuracy english i attempted the same no. 196 or 197 ..filled the 85 to 100 bubbles then attempted 90 95 questions ...had 2 mins with me to fill the bubbles i filled around 60 to 70 bubbles invigilator came i requested him just to give me 2 more minutes to fill the rest of the bubbles as i am not attempting any more questions i showed him my empty OMR sheet ...after 1 minute he came n just snatched the omr from me ...i begged him to mark my rest of the 25 to 30 bubbles and i took the sheet from him and started filling ...i dont know what the hell happened to him he again SNATCHED the omr from me my omr was almost in 2 halves ...i was totally fu****ed up ...i followed him to the Staff room to atleast paste the omr so that it can be evaluated but he signalled me to get lost from his sight as if i have asked for 2 units of blood from him body ...i admit its my mistake i should have kept an eye on the time ....but granting me 1 minute of his time would not have done any sort of harm to his JOB or SSC ...but for me Result is one year lost, months of intense hardwork and sacrifice resulted into this shit , couldnt clear CSE pre missed by a mark or 2 ...back to square one.
    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity
  • paper1- 64
    paper2- 200
  • Never really wanted to say this. But gave the CGL Tier II exam. Center was really bad. They made us sit in a half made hall. No one was caring as if some useless exam was going on. Lost the zeal to appear halfway looking at the management of exam. Do they conduct this exam like this everywhere? My question paper tampered I think because the seal was broken once. I am unsure whether they are conducting the exam fairly anywhere. Now doubting the obnoxious results of few centers. I am hoping and relying that UPSC is conducting the exam fairly as Prelim was conducted in a good environment. As a student it breaks the heart listening to unfair practices for exams.
    Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress.
  • And attempted 65 in QA 199 in English.
    Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress.
  • Hello Guys, SSC has released one more notice regarding Exam date for SSC CHSL Exam 2015.
  • Pichli baar se kitna cutoff girna expected hai?
  • Pichli baar se kitna cutoff girna expected hai?
    I think maximum 10 marks, usse jaada nahi girega in my opinion
    Jaake mehertabaan se keh do ki apni kiraanein ginkar rakh le, mai apne sehra ke zarre zarre ko khud chamakna sikha raha hoon!!
  • edited October 2015
    From SSCTUBE:

    Posts regarding filling of blank OMRs of SSC CGL Mains inside SSC for large no. of candidates shared by some seniors working in dept.
    The filling of OMRs started from CGL 13 Re-Exam and continued in CGL 14 but the no. of frauds were limited. IN CGL15 the no. of frauds are huge. It can be 2000+ and all will be scoring good marks.
    This is also confirmed from our sources that within 2-3 days all OMRs will be filled and its a huge nexus and another ‪#‎VYAPAM‬ in the making.
    Some Big Coaching centers also involved.
    This will drastically increase the cutoff and kill the selection chances of genuine candidates especially UR category will suffer the most.
    What you can do ??
    Make this news viral on facebook, twitter and whatsApp
    Post this news on various govt dept, CBI, ACB and Media Facebook Pages
    On twitter tag all the media channels, ministers, dept to let them know about this.
    We personally informed about this to Mr. chairman but not much hopeful for the action
    Remember, if this isn't stopped now then be ready to face more frauds in future exams.
    CSE 2015. Got in.

    CSE 2016. Hopefully, the hallowed All India Services.
  • Hello Guys, Here is Important formulas and shortcuts for profit and loss in Quantitative aptitude section.
  • Pichli baar se kitna cutoff girna expected hai?
    Around 15-20 marks below last year considering medium term inflation of 5%. So cut off would be around 410 for UR.
  • Results kab tak expected h?
  • Questions attempted :


    I did only those that I felt I knew ,rest I left out
    Marked two wrong in English due to drowsiness:P

    One step,One Punch,One Round At a Time.
    How you do anything is how you do everything.

    PSIR Optional. Aspiring Diplomat.
  • Results kab tak expected h?
    Before 10 Dec.
    2014 result came within 40 days
  • Wich job is po or IP/NIP through ssc??? Plz suggest...based on work in wich is a better option for a upsc aspirant?
  • Hey Guys, here is Paper Analysis & Expected cut off for SSC CHSL 2015 exam
  • Hello to all here is most Important Physics Material based on previous year papers for SSC CHSL 2015 Exam.
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