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CSP 2015 Result Out (Thank you Root / ForumIAS for the upgrades) : Post your expected marks in CSP

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Post your expected marks and whether you have cleared or not. It will help in estimating the cutoff.

I was expecting 105.67 to 111
General Cat.

Counting roll numbers in the CSP 2015 result pdf -

Pages 3 to 42 : 40 pages * 46 lines x 8 roll numbers per line = 14,720
Page 43 : 1 page * 36 lines * 8 roll numbers per line = 288

Total intake for CSP 2015 = 15,008
Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...


  • i was expecting 98-103. and i cleared. this is removing all doubtfuls. cutoff is arnd 100 only. for general.
    It is Job Hi Karwalo .. not Jo Bhi Karwalo.... mind it
  • dada,whats ur category
  • 106-110 in
  • dada,whats ur category
    general. i cleared. all those guys who were saying cutoff more than 105. plz call them. want to abuse them. cutoff is arnd 100. mostly 98-100

    It is Job Hi Karwalo .. not Jo Bhi Karwalo.... mind it
  • 120 leaving all controversial questions....
  • cleared GS1 110 min. and 90 min. for csat.
    all hail avengers. \m/
    Our survival instinct is our single greatest source of inspiration. - Dr. Mann
  • !20-125 ; Cleared ; No IFOS though
  • 128.xx(Shankar) ; 125.xx(ClearIAS & CL)

  • upload the damn thing on google drive
    Open your mind before you open your mouth.
  • 112- Vaji, 116-Shankar Got through
  • 133-137 ...
    Tryst with Destiny !!
  • I couldn't.
    marks a/c to Shankarias key was 100...belongs to obc .
  • Cleared. Was expecting between 107 - 111
  • 102-106, general.... not cleared
  • in....~115 .....not selected in ifos
  • In
    Was expecting 121.33 from vajiram
  • Sincerely hope better sense prevails for 2016 and upsc brings an additional paper for afternoon session for Prelims ( CSAT /Optional / or whatever ) .. This si increasingly becoming more and more of a gamble at every statge
  • u love him u hate him but u cant ignore him becoz he is the @india bhai
  • cutoff sure 102 hai for gen
  • 100...out :(
  • In. General. Scored 103.
    I'm the Hulk
  • In, no idea about the mark

    image :)>-
    जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी
  • Based upon what people have posted till now:
    1. General cutoff is 99-102 as India had predicted ..
    2. General/OBC difference of just 2-3 marks - what I had always vouched for
    3. Seats might have increased marginally
    4. 100 as per Shankar/Vaji key, on an average, translates into something lesser as per the upsc key
    बने पुजारी प्रेमी साकी, गंगाजल पावन हाला,
    रहे फेरता अविरत गति से मधु के प्यालों की माला'
    'और लिये जा, और पीये जा', इसी मंत्र का जाप करे'
    मैं शिव की प्रतिमा बन बैठूं, मंदिर हो यह मधुशाला ।
  • in 106-111, those who couldn't don't lose heart your time will also come, keep walking.
    Who'll take my work,
    asks the setting sun,
    none has an answer in the whole silent world,
    The earthen lamp says humbly from a corner
    " I'll my lord, as best as i can "

    - Tagore
  • 135-143 cl
  • in....
    140-148 acc different keys...
    घायल परिन्दा है तू..
    दिखला दे ज़िंदा है तू..
    बाकी है तुझमे...हौसला है..!!
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