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Best faculty for GS-III module course--continuation

P.S.—Moderators please delete the last thread in this S&T section in case you are going to delete this one because this thread is only continuation of the last thread which was authoritatively closed thereby suppressing voices of genuine participants who cud discuss about GS III best faculty and only fakies abusive messages were left untouched and highlighted(probably intentionally?) to malign the name of india’s emerging topmost UPSC faculty for which those IDS and even forum(if found involved) can be SUED under Section 66A of the Information Act, 2000 (cyber bullying cyber defamation) and also Section 499 of IPC Indian penal code, 1860.

Why exactly was IDankit vyas banned who although wrote in an advertisement tone but did not write a single offensive word?his thread cud be deleted if posted in wrong section,what called for his ban?
And all other abusers are still there unbanned…abuses are undeleted…but just a gentle reminder that words in that thread by old users like “loot”, “sharm nahi(shameless)”, “your fake ID(alleging forgery)” “we all know(planned attacked,confessing groupism against said faculty)can entrap these users in criminal cyber offense for bullying a user with the help of electronic devise and going by other statement these statements have the potential to harm the reputation of an individual person,business or product since you can read the number of users who have seen this is above 500 and your forum emerges on top in search engine its appears to be a pre planned controversy by old members who enjoy(maybe?) immunity here and are still unbanned despite of writing such contemptible wounding derogatory words against the subject
And now see this—All Members : Promotion of Courseware on ForumIAS - Our Stand
itna paisa nhi hai in logo k paas, sara ad revenue @root ki daaru party me jata hai.
abhi bhi thread start karke peene chala gaya.

[Show proof or consider this as a warning.]—I think this user was banned and the comment was strikedthrough since your personal reputation was attacked respected @root, so apply the same sensitivity(justice) unanimously,is what I recommend. And I am not from any coaching institute or lobbying any particular sir ..but anyone with an unbiased observation can found the last thread terribly offensive calling for even an FIR report . Hope moderators would delete the last misleading thread ASAP.

Awaiting for a just action
An IAS aspirant 2016-17


  • hi
    I am the admin here, and I have gone through the thread and I have removed what could have been offensive.

    thank you

    The others are just saying - I think the faculty is average ,
    NO sir ,kindly go through the following observation
    COMMENT1--@raushan…namaskar ………..sir…and @shadow blaze—welcome…….sir—
    Its apparently TROLLING MOCKING..irrelevant response..alleging the TS for a fraudulent appearance, camouflage(Clear case of defamation)…hence this comment requires deletion….plus mocking(violation of RULE OF FORUMWhat ForumIAS is not/does NOT intend to be:( A PLACE TO MOCK OTHERS)

    COMMENT- @tabahii-sahi style h bhai---irrelevant.. trolling..calls for DELETION
    COMMENT- @stud07---(kindly note only this particular portion)— sir 'aiseee karoge' i had been ur student...i knw u beleive in 'bcz i am the best' b..
    QUALIFIES MOCKING(see the definition of mocking which also includes imitation in a ridiculing sense)…WE ALL know it you..khudse post mat kia karo HUM samajh jaate h….
    .Again personal attack,alleging a person for being fraudulent and confessing groupism against the subject…CALLS FOR deletion..

    COMMENT @master4341—(kindly note this particular portion)why to loot money---alleging for theft dacoit on subject thereby making it a complete case of abuse which can qualify as defamation-----this part calls for deletion/action

    COMMENT- @shell504 ---sir bus karo..
    trolling…should be deleted
    @ anarchist--- Hahahaha... Kya socha hoga aur kya milaa hai
    Again a case of trolling,attempting to be funny with that laughter….requires deletion and even ban(RULE OF FORUM--Members are requested to not sympathise with elements who attempt at ruining the Forum, just because they are funny, and have the ability to do something good, but do not actually do so.)

    ]which is not in my powers to remove.
    [b]now removing all such rubbish irrelevant stuff is what you are given authority for. you must delete them,,justice in community is at stake,,go on sir[/b]

    Comments are removed when they make personal attacks and not review or products or services.
    I have quoted the personal attack.Kindly take the action

    For example, ForumIAS cannot remove such discussions and comments which attack a certain product even if they criticize our own product/service

    I assure you no action can be pursued against anyone for mere criticism unless the attack is personal and contains substantial abuse and defamation.understood..i accept it with full regards

    Calling a product sub standard or bad does not amount to cyber bullying.
    but hijacking a thread making personal attack, down class name calling and mockery does qualify for it..we all have a social reputation to maintain and since touching each other is not doable easily in real life so these online forums are providing leeway to such bullying elements to persist and let out their failure angst on such innocent newbie on forums who doesnot know how to counter back..and so therefore cyber rules are made to console themwhich was what I precisely quoted in my first post

    Please drop an email to
    I would try ,if mandatory.thank you
    and if he sees merit in what you have to say, your request may be fulfilled.
    I have already proved the merit in my complaint.can post more if required..delete the comments ASAP or the entire thread ..because I know time of community as well as myself is precious,so lets wrap it up ASAP

    You may have to be the aggrieved party for the same though
    aggrieved or not, let a fair environment prevail
    And one last thing

    In banning the thread starter ankit vyas he was deprived of an opportunity to prove his authenticity or even regret his disguise,in case of being proved guilty.And also his thread was hijacked (RULE OF FORUM--Free speech is not only the right of those who demand it, but also of those who do not get to exercise it because they are bullied by certain people who hijack discussion threads with BS. )

  • This is a discussion forum for country’s one of the most high-status examination. So standard of participants while they partake is something the moderators should keep special check upon so as to let a motivating and companionable aura be happening around. Such hijacking of threads like the one I have complained for mirrors a FOUL PLAY and NO action over such unlawful activities can only repel quality new aspirants from flocking in. Awaiting deletions. Thanks and regards
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