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Self Help Groups SHGs have failed in capacity building and imparting skills. What is the Remedy?

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Self Help Groups SHGs have failed in capacity building, imparting skills and Market linkage. What is the Remedy?

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  • Bhai baura gye ho kya....esi debates jo false hain.......google kr keval shg ki success milegi

    Life is a struggle where u have to battle against time... u need to be at right spot at right times.....
  • Yaar mene kab kaha SHG failed. They failed in three area listed above. I asked about remedy for those area
  • Try Cluster Approach....
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  • According to me, the remedies in the above areas can be provided by NGOs as well as Government organisations.
    When there is a WILL, there is a WAY.
  • prepare a standard working procedure (sop)
  • SHGs have come up as the financial backbone of the rural impoverished. It has leveraged the strength of pooling resources for benefit of the rural society. Much appreciation is for its effect of uplifting the rural women and organising them in useful economic clusters. However, the areas of concern are discussed below:

    Capacity Building
    (i) Not fully integrated in the financial mainstream - The organised banking system must support SHGs with loans and advances with favoured terms - Ajeevika for women SHGs sets an example
    (ii) Lack of a formal representative body - The often mooted SHG Federation must materialise to give SHGs organisational strength, formal recognition, and also for inter-SHGs experience sharing
    (iii) Vertical/Horizontal partnerships - SHGs must be facilitated to engage with skill imparting organisations - cottage, household, agro-industries; linked with entrepreneurship schemes etc.

    (i) Poor financial and management literacy - There must be steps towards equipping SHGs with accounting, small-scale organisational management skills important for managing them
    (ii) Lack of adequate entrepreneurial skills - SHGs are a part of larger move towards creating entrepreneurship spirit and lifting the poor masses. Entrepreneurship skills and training support must be provided suitable for rural industries.

    Market linkage
    (i) Poorly developed and linked markets: The market for SHG assisted industries/entrepreneurship hardly exist in any formal setup. There must be dedicated rural and urban haats/bazaars for these industries.
    (ii) Gram udyog bhandars and craft/art shops must be partnered with SHGs and the associated industries.
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  • SHG actually not able to break caste rigidity bcz if dalits form shg person frm higher caste didnt join it....
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