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Final Result UPSC CSE 2012: Date & Cut-Off - [Results Declared]



  • oh my god...that means cutt off for mains is no less than 750....contrary to popular view....i thought i l get atleast 950 and would be in
  • Is this the calm before the storm?
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  • That means I'm out and prelims 2013 is screwed too . Damn!
  • Definitely the calm. Congratulations to all who make it.
  • 958 score, that means cutoff this time will not be less than 800 for gen.780 obc, 760 Sc and 740-50 ST. I guess with psycho's horror stories, I will not score enough. Incidentally what's the marking trend with IMG Khan's board? I was expecting at least 180, went 35 mins, only had a problem answering one economics question from 3rd member.
  • @robinolds , @matt2damon Whats the buzzword by Bond?
    A midnight bird told me bond says final list cut off 958 and he is out? And result shall be out on 3rd May?
    acc to bond his name doesnt appear in the general list .. and obc list was not prepared by yesterday ... rest abt cutoff he has not given any info .. but earlier he had said that if cutoff was 700 then he has 100 marks above it ..
  • Thanks for the info. Now, 958 was for general list. Interview + mains, yes? Isn't that too low for 400 something ranker? We are talking about drastic reduction in cutoff. I am sure there are no substantial changes in Lit. Papers. I hope there will be some scaling in place.
    I took psycho and socio (switch from pubad)this time. A friend of mine who has already gotten IRTS, IDES etc. gave his paper in psycho and pub ad, didn't make it to interview this time. Looks like pubad was to blame.
  • What's the topper scoring?
  • @Shadowring_5 UPS always surprises, often without any Logic. Even one of my friends, from Jammu, who is in IIS, sat down and prepared for Mains 2012 whole heartedly, with Philo & Pub Ad. Did not get an interview call this time.
    *No good deed goes unpunished* | I am no knight, do not call me Sir | I write articles for Civil Services Aspirants, you can find them at http://blog.forumias.com/author/neyawn |
  • Nasty surprise I got from upsc was cse 2011, pub ad scored an abyssmal 100 paper 1 and 74 in paper 2 l for a not so grand total of 174/600. So anyone would understand why I switched to Socio this time. What about you @Neyawn which board did you get?
  • edited May 2013
    @Shadowring_5 ...even i am hoping they scale up psycho this time...how much u got in psycho.....it was horror for me this time too....i got pk mishra board...any idea about his scoring guys?
  • Last year Psycho was p1 143 p2 151, unfortunately DoS attack from pub ad examiners. =((
    This year paper 1 was really bad, so lets hope our fears will be unrealised. PK Mishra I hear is
    And average type of guy, you would know best. For mr. Khan I am giving a realistic mark and then chopping off 20 marks from it to arrive at my estimate :-??
  • I got Pusrushottam Aggrawal Board. He is knows to not give very bad marks.
    @toodifficult P K Mishra has given good marks this time for some reason. Thats the insider info/rumour in the air, so worry not.

    In 2009, Kunal Silku was also given around 85 marks in Pub Ad , one of the papers. He switched to Philosophy in 2010, and got 65 rank.
    *No good deed goes unpunished* | I am no knight, do not call me Sir | I write articles for Civil Services Aspirants, you can find them at http://blog.forumias.com/author/neyawn |
  • It looks pretty low final cutoff...... anyone has any insider information about status of marks of geography as an optional and electrical engineering(if possible) :P ...... if cutoff is low then rank will be decided by interview marks only which is sad as luck factor is more in interview.... i got RR board don;t know how it went good or bad....... but it was very weird as nobody was acknowledging my answers and looking here and there
    worried now..... god save me [-O<
    Electrical Engineering | Geography | Indian Foreign Service 2013
  • @Neyawn ..what reason precisely???i know my interview went supercool but at the end i ruined evrything when one member asked me how should i justify so much money spent on me for my medical course training and i said......sir i am worth it...though later on i said....i ll make it worth....i dont think i came across to them as a humble person...btw ...orkut latest release is ...topper from bihar...some mishra....and second topper from NADT ...a girl...do we have such profiles here???
  • Hi everyone.
    I am absolutely new to this forum and came here just by chance. I have given interview and got Rajani Razdan's board. She was taking print outs in my interview and slept in one of my friends interview. Because of a disastrous interview(coz i cudnt satisfy her with my answers,other board members were fine), m unable to jhelo these UPSC pangs...
    I have been hearing that results are going to be out on 3rd....is it really true?
    and any info about Razdan's board and here marking?

    Thanks. :)
  • Hi tejaswani, I too Got the razdan board. She walked into the side room came back sat down and looked at me and said that's a good ar. Another member saidthe same To another question. But my other answers weren't satisfactory. I mumbled a lot.
  • @lillyvgp
    some relief!!!
    she was peeling off elaichis in one interview and was thru with 6 ppl in 1 and a half hour..whereas another board(namely reddy's) had completed interview of just 2 ppl by that time...
    I was way too confident on my interview but this woman made my life after the interview hellish...
    how well does she score?( given the fact that she shows she isint interested in u tho)
  • I heard she either gives 200+ or less than average.
  • :( this is like aage kuan peeche khaai :(
  • also..if u dont mind sharing...how long was ur interview?
    mine was about 18-20mins
  • Maybe 20 min. Not sure. 2 of them asked me the same question. It was wierd. Anyhow that doesn't matter now. I won't make the cut. It would be easier to prepare for the next pre
    Is without the shadow of results. So be out with it this Friday.
  • dont know...whether i can give pre again...
    all the best for ur result..hope all is well :)
  • All the best to you too. You do take care :)
  • edited May 2013
    @Tejaswani , @lillyvgp

    Both of you, I will only tell you what I tell myself. Yaar jo karna tha so humne kar diya. What we had to do, we have done. Mulling over it, seems pointless. Or at least is not profitable. So we have to let go of our own analysis now. Thats gone. We have to shut our minds till results are out.

    And if God's grand design is different from our own plans, we will still have to shut out the analysis until Prelims. Some people say its difficult to write Pre again, for me it seems impossible :-( But what needs to be done will be done.

    Razni Ma'am is known to do that to aspirants. But she has made a lot of IAS officers by her marks. Aur ek baat, Jinko IAS banna hai, woh banege. I don't know many people who become IAS by Interview basis. Most of my friends, who got IAS, got it on Mains marks basis. So no matter how much we project Interview as the game changer, it only plays a role if we are a borderline case.

    Regarding the news on Orkut about this Bihar Girl who is going to top, (I happen to know 3 Bihar girls who were Interviewed this time, and there aren't too many!) If we believe the guy who says that, then the cut off is also 800+ - contrary to what Indian and Bond have said. So can't comment on that. But yes, some news on Orkut is definitely true. Don't know which ones though. I am going with Bond & Indian. I like to believe 694 is a better cut off than 814+ :-(
    *No good deed goes unpunished* | I am no knight, do not call me Sir | I write articles for Civil Services Aspirants, you can find them at http://blog.forumias.com/author/neyawn |
  • This 694 and 814 - final cut off or the cut off for qualifying to appear in interview ? Somebody here said it's 958. Confused. Anyway may 3rd will make everything crystal clear.

    It's hard to stay positive.
  • Can you tell me the orkut group's name ?
  • Latest update from orkut
    Maximum selections from pub ad:387
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