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Planning to start a Psychology study group.

Hi all,
I'm planning to start a psychology study group. I'm goin to join patak sir's test series. Anyone interested and thinks that it's mutually benifitial to study in group please join the group:) I live in ORN.


  • Hi...count me in but m not in delhi....online or whatsapp
  • yes online or whatsapp
  • yes online
  • @PA i guess whatsapp would be good and convinient. also it gives ease to share notebooks on evernote. i m from patel nagar.
    9888707047 add me :)
  • looking for a person in old rajinder nagar for day to day discussion of general studies and current affairs.
    my optional is socio
    Aim is to have all the knowledge in "POINTS FORM" in your mind instead of that being confined to your notes in bulk pages so that in exam we are able to reproduce it without thinking much, because ultimately we only need to remember 150 words.

    deepak - 9899326328
  • I am in :-)
    * Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is we are powerful beyond measure*
  • i'm in for psycho
  • has group taken off? Consider my case. Joining Pathak sir's test series.
    The world shall not befall if you sleep for a while :)
  • hello guys,

    Glad.... you have all shown interest in joining the group. I'm thinking it would be better if we meet and discuss things. I live in ORN near Agarwal sweets.
  • @K P S, It would be better if meet and discuss things. I f you are not in ORN.......lets meet on hike....coz im not on Watssup...i'm Sorry:(
  • @ Advir....we'll plan the schedule and let you know....we'll do it acc to test syllabus.....we r doin cognitive first.......test is on 12th sept.....we'll have to finish by 10th.
  • Guys,
    you can reach me on 9990156064
  • PFA......for test schedule
  • which institute's material is good for psychology.....
  • kdsingh said:

    which institute's material is good for psychology.....

    Pathak sir's study material is really good. It's bulky but helpful too. If possible get Pathak sir's hand-written notes also.
    Success is only achievable when one is dedicated and determined. Without hard work, talent is totally wasted.
  • count me as well ......dicussion will bring concept clarity...... liv in ORN.....
  • hindi books for psycology
    please suggest
  • hindi books for psycology
    please suggest

  • Add me too bhai
  • Just wait and watch...
  • is there any whatsapp group
  • Hey guys!! My name is Shradha and I am preparing for CSE 2017 with psychology as my optional. I live in Greater Noida. Please add me to the group! Really appreciate the initiative! thanks :)
  • Please add me to the group 09999048374
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