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SBI PO 2013 Plan and Strategy

edited September 2013 in Banking
SBI PO has given a very lucrative ad this time (8 lac pa). I and many of you must have filled this form. Being primarily a UPSC aspirant, what kind kind of strategy we can follow in these 14 days.
I meant, which website can offer us good fodder etc.
I am adding some tips too that i came across.


  • English: NOT AT ALL like IAS.
    Antonyms, Synonyms, Spellings, Idioms etc rattofication things are asked.
    Comprehension too easy.

    Maths: DI and basic numeracy skills.

    Reasoning: Difficult as compared to IAS, our syllo rules generally got a turn here.

    GS: I have not figured it out yet :P

    Please add.

    i saw GKtoday for PO, but dint find good enough.

    I any one have any brilliant guidance, PDFs for marketting and computer etc, anything, then please throw some light.

    As PO is my only hope (SSC got postponed to 28- clash with PO, giving PO then.)
  • @simplyvimal A no. of people I know who had applied for SSC went to the centre by the time the notification postponing it was released. Its a shame.
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  • @neyawn Yup! SSC notified it such late! I called a friend, he is like " I am on the way to Station, will call you after boarding " I informed him that there is no need to board! :O

    1. Ambedkar Jayanti wasn't something they couldn't have known about!
    2. They could have been more timely! :(
  • what kind of questions are asked in essay/english paper? any idea!! @simplyvimal @fallen_leaves @Neyawn @others
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  • Nope. Not seen any of the previous year papers. However, they have attached a PDF at SBI Guidelines Do have a look, that may give you a decent idea!
  • @woodpecker

    Essay paper mainly has letter writing to editor of newspapers, some public office or your friends/relatives. (meaning formal and informal letters), a precis comes usually. a short essay on social issues mainly , sometimes on other s&t issues + economic or political. but they are basically simpler ones. The last set of question can be RC . Nothing else comes. there is no grammer its just a test of writing skills.
  • Guys, that descriptive English test is very easy, as per my conversation with a friend who is PO there. But this objective test is quite difficult, its a matter of time management. And sectional cutoff is also there.

    @Neyawn Yes, exactly..even i have informed some people just few minutes ago. Many people dint know. they have not even message or mail. I dont know why they take phone numbers and email. How can they do such a silly mistake. and as backhand both of these exams are important. but i think ki Janta will protest for sure.
  • dont get fooled by 8la pa. it is only if you are posted in mumbai. also there are a lot of deductibles. a major portion 8la is the hra because rent in mumbai is sky high.

    po exam is mostly a dry run for CSAT-II. the paper may be different, but atleast you get a feel of exam conditions
  • any tips on how to get extension in SBI joining till december? right now they are calling for joining by sept end :(
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