Prelims 2016: Daily Newspaper MCQs - General Studies Paper - Week 9/50

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Dear Friends,

We have roughly 50 weeks for the next Prelims. ForumIAS, in the coming days, will be largely catering to the Mains Appearing and subsequently to the Interview Appearing Candidates because of the nature of serious aspirant base.

We want to welcome our new members who will be appearing for Prelims 2016 and beyond. Everyday, we ( as well as other members ) can post daily MCQs that will help them prepare for the the Prelims Examination.

The pattern of Prelims 2015 has shown that that wide coverage is a important for preparing for the Prelims Examination.

Nature of Questions:: The nature of questions will be preparatory in nature. This means that if you able to attempt and solve these questions, you will be incrementally adding to your preparation, so much so that you will naturally be able to answer a majority of questions in Prelims 2016. This will be our goal in setting these questions.

Most, if not all the questions, would come from topics that came in the day's newspaper. Some static questions may come up on lean news days.

What happens when you are not able to answer a question? We want you to know that those of you who are preparing for the 2016 may not have studied the syllabus fully so as to answer the questions. Hence the questions will be such that:-

1. They test your general aptitude
2. They test if you are reading the Hindu newspaper - and this is important for veterans/ Mains appearing candidates too!
3. They ensure that you build concepts by immediately reading online some text on that topic, so that you are done with that topic ( or sub topic/concept that day itself.
4. Repeated questions on the same topic /concept will ensure that you properly revise that concept again and again and become a pro.

We would like to ensure that regularly solving the questions will make ensure that you will have almost the same expertise as someone who has cleared the exam before.

We will create a new thread every week on Monday ( so that the thread doesn't get too long ) if the thread gets too long.

Moderators and senior members are encouraged to pitch in with questions.

Questions can also be submitted to in plain text format with answers for being posted. Due credit will be given to people submitting the questions.

The difficulty level of questions will be easy to medium in the beginning for the first few weeks, but will become highly conceptual at a later stage.

Please let us know, if you would want to join us in this initiative :)



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