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How profitable is Forumias' or Mrunal's business model?

Sorry for digressing from the general discussion on UPSC preparation, but ever since the start of "Pattern Change" threads which resulted in influx of heavy traffic to this site, we can see some changes in the layout and placement of the advertisements on this site. This makes me wonder about the economics behind the business model of this site and similar sites like mrunal's.

p.s. :- it would be better if we could move beyond the politically-correct and modesty-dripping notion that these platforms are only run for the general welfare of aspirants and there is no commercial angle to it.
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  • Even I am curious to know! :) Anybody having any experience with online businesses can throw some light here. Are such forums really profitable/highly profitable? What are the different types of models?

    MBA grads can also pitch in, I have heard they have a whole subject on this. :D
  • if someone will use the advertisement link to purchase any book/other displayed stuff, some portion of that(5~15%) will directly goto the administrator's account....this is diff from google adword....here u have to click on the lik plus have to purchase to make money........while in google adwork jst click on link is enought to make money for site owner....
  • A few things to note here:

    - Forums like these have good potential and could be profitable, if the portal is structured/shaped in a good way.
    This will not only bring many new visitors and but also has capacity to retain the existing users.

    - As 'keyword' is one of the major aspects of page ranking, this could be an advantage to forums like this as our discussions involves lots of such 'keyword' usages.
    This will help in better 'page rank'. Also gives an opportunity for 'advertisers'/'media agency' to display their ads more accurately and target required viewers. (The content of the ad will be related to the keywords used)

    - It is also important that the ads displayed make some sense to the visitor. An ad by 'Flipkart' is always better than ad showing 'play rummy free'. Ads that are more relevant have better chance of being 'clicked' and this 'click through rate' is important for better monetary aspects.

    Well, there are many such things, and there is good potential for such sites.
  • As i have also designed a site in relation to biology, m curious to know, how one have to contact to Flipkart.
    n how other ads are placed, how much money in what way they give. ?
    (I know about google ads and flipkart ads in general, want to know more specifically)
  • What I found after much googling:

    Content websites are more profitable than forums. Don't ask why. Ad placement is key. So is the footfall. And - the "build it and they will come" theory is post expiry. For details just google "using adsense." There is nothing called 'average earnings' or a 'minimum' or a 'maximum' either. Some people earn lakhs a month while some can't even earn 100. BUT copy pasted content gets you nowhere thanks to Google and DMCA.

    And if you like the website, click an ad or two that interests you once in a while (but never your own ads).
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    Blogs like mrunal can Earn Lots of $$ by publish Ads From "Google AdSense" and Also from affiliate programs like Flipkart.
    I have good experience about these all Online Money making business , I am also an Web Devloper/Ads Publisher and Earning Good Money too from my Websites. All Earning Depends upon Ads Clicks Ratio / Users Location (IP). Some Bloggers are earning Very Huge Amount of USD $. Its cool thing that one can earn money from their Blog/Website.
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    very interesting topic, as someone who has used the anonymity of the internet rather nefariously to dig into this 'scene' I have some knowledge and experience into what the OP wants to know about. I had lengthy discussions with many of the people (including mrunal) behind this new internet-driven democratization of UPSC preparation but all is not as easy as it may seem.

    my chats with some of the key people in the "business" revealed the tough nature of running a serious blog, it was shocking to know, for example, that coaching centers in delhi are employing underhanded techniques like hiring black-hat hackers in bangalore to inject disruptive codes into the software that runs these blogs.

    Producing quality content while moderating feedback (UPSC aspirants can be a real pain-in-the-neck sometimes) and keeping up a constant stream of data to monetize is a full-time job, no serious candidate can even dream of running a dedicated blog and make money from it at the same time.

    as for the finances, the initial capital investment is pretty low but the skills needed are multiple and a mere computer literate person can end up inflating the bills by having to outsource coding etc. adwords and affiliation programs only start paying after the URL gains some traction in terms of pagerank and even then, the returns don't match the effort put in.

    TLDR: dilettantes beware, this is serious business with a prolonged gestation period and minimal returns in the initial years, diversifying monetizing strategy and producing exclusive 'paid' content is the direction in which things seems to be headed.
  • @simplyvimal google for flipkart affiliate program. or chk it on their site
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