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Is it allowed to mark options on the question paper?

edited October 2015 in Official Exam Process
Is it allowed to mark / tick / cross out options on the question paper? Can your paper be cancelled for that? I've never done it but I seriously want to be able to do that.
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  • kuchh v karo yaara........sab allowed hai.......
    चन्द्रगुप्त :
    किस्मत पहले ही लिखी जा चुकी है,
    तो कोशिश करने से क्या मिलेगा ?
    चाणक्य :
    क्या पता किस्मत में ही लिखा हो
    कि कोशिश से ही मिलेगा !!
  • @etat done that. no problem
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  • Haan you can sare previous attempt mein kyia hai. ..@etat icse board se ho kya wo hi aisi darte hain
  • I used to mark answers in the paper to verify.. it worked well for me...
  • @Etat, Yes you can safely do that. I have done that in the past, and though one time a certain invigilator did poke me, but it is safe. For both Prelims & Mains :)

    In fact for prelims, it is a good idea to mark your options with a big tick on the paper. It helps keep your confidence , making you feel you are doing well . That confidence is important in the exam. And you Etat, always keep this in mind - you have done this before, you will do it again :)
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  • Rules forbid you to do so. But it is that kinda rule that invigilators don't care much. I did it for my previous attempts.
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  • Did in my previous attempt.
    Will do again this time
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • Jab tak koi mana naa kare aisa karne se tab tak bindaas doodling karne ka paper mein..exam fee bhari hai apni property hota hai wo...
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  • I heard that someone used their erasers to solve dice problem for CSAT in UPSC exam centre and their results were withheld for that reason. The argument used was 'you are not allowed to write anywhere else outside the assigned space for rough work'.

  • As per UPSC instruction they have mentioned about writing (not marking) on question paper so technically/legally you can do it.

    As of now no case has come up on this issue so by convention also you can go ahead.
  • Just for precaution write your roll no on each page and do whatever you want to do with it.
    I have done it twice and never was in any trouble.
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  • well this is surprising that some people are advising caution against writing on paper.
    I never heard of it. I always mark the options otherwise how will you fill the OMR ? one question at a time? - that is a waste of time.
    and of course you can calculate your score accurately afterwards. that helps in taking decisions.
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  • HawFalakshameshame.
  • There is absolutely no problem with ticking /circling your answer on the paper or putting a question mark on those questions you want to come back to or leave altogether.
    I have done this in my previous attempts and there has been no issue. However, whenever I mark, I ensure that i do it with a pencil so that if some overly strict invigilator creates a problem, I can erase it.
    It is unheard of for any invigilator to create trouble over this issue.
  • Typical Geek Questions. :D
  • @mods, I wonder, where are all the mods..!!
  • Whose picture is nt clear on admit card Someone plz clear that 2 passport size photos wid an undertaking ???

    Attestation or anything else?!
    At first they will ask why you're doing it, later they'll ask how you did it!
  • In 2014, I had marked all my options in the Q paper first with pencil. The final marked answer with pen, to come back and check answers. Kisi ne bhi kuch nhi kaha. :)
  • Whose picture is nt clear on admit card Someone plz clear that 2 passport size photos wid an undertaking ???

    Attestation or anything else?!
    Carry two passport size pictures and an id card as mentioned in the admit card.
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  • edited August 2015
    as per rules you should not tick or write anything on question paper... that can lead to malpractice... an invigilator or the flying squad can take action...but only iff they want to, which usually they don't...
    at worst case if you are questioned then better don't get into argument with them... instead deal with them cordially
  • jyada dikkat he to dot mar lo
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