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Which is more powerful : IAS or IPS?

edited October 2015 in Official Exam Process
can anyone give a brief idea ?


  • agree. still if u have to choose any 1?
  • Afhq
    2014-1st attempt,mains--pol science
  • Shilajit Gold, period.
    Meri Falak mujhe wapas chahiye!
  • There is hierarchy, but powers are comparable in their respective domains.
    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
  • edited August 2015
    Both have their own domains of work, and their own prerogatives,

    so comparison is futile

    aur bhai, final list me aa jana hi bahot hai., Jo Milta hai jhapat lo :P
  • power ??? lol
    Let's gamble one more time !
  • kya hua puch lia to..paap thodi kar diya ..aise behave krte ho yar..
  • IAS atleast at field levels and in non commisionarate systems.
  • Power to wardi main hi hoti hain
  • okay sabhi 1st choice IPS rakhna aur power kaluft uthana :)
  • perfect answer as looking for. thanx teddy..
    @devilanuj17 : dear if i am choosing this prestigious exam as my goal then i m all ready to give everything to serve nation and its people . I dont think asking such a question just to clear some confusion lead you to beacons . red or blue doesnt matter.
  • Power is a scaler quantity
    2014-1st attempt,mains--pol science
  • Sab kuch pani da bulbula! Char dinaandi duniye ae kuch kha lay pi lay mauj uda! Kaha power k chakkar me pad raha hai bhai?
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • Asli power dil mein hoti hai \m/
    Our survival instinct is our single greatest source of inspiration. - Dr. Mann
  • ips banne ke baad rikshaw walon pe, rehdi walon pe, bhikari etc pe pwer dikhana, thekedar, mining mafia etc pe power mat dikhana, unka driver tractor chadhake saari power nikal dega.
    jitna kaam milega karne ko wahi thik tarah se karne ka mauka mile bina undue interference ke wahi bahot hai.

  • IFS.
    Soft power. >:)
    bounty hunting hard power
    2014-1st attempt,mains--pol science
  • IFoS raw power :ar!
    Our survival instinct is our single greatest source of inspiration. - Dr. Mann
  • army, AF special powers(yes it's in plural) :P
  • okay sabhi 1st choice IPS rakhna aur power kaluft uthana :)
    Your first choice should be to serve, not some order of titles..
    In the end ,red or blue beacon doesnt matters ,what mattes is that when you go to sleep ,what does your conscience conveys you..? Were yoi able to perform as expected from you by that particular job..? Were you able to touch even a single life in positive way ..? If ans is yes , then you'll feel even IA&AS is the best job ,if not then trust me ,after some time,evn the mighty IAS wont give you any joy.!

    "should be" .. there are many ""should be"" in this world not all happen
    Protip: everyone ""should be" studying right now
  • Instead of power(? = Maya), It should be, who is capable of making influential & visible changes on society
    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
  • IAS
    First learn the meaning of what you say and then speak. History is my love.
  • IPS ,,,Topper of the batch ,,,,,,trained at Dehradun ,,,batch no 32567 ,,,,, ab bol bhai kya banna hai? :D
    Thunderstorm died last month. and a pret has been born.
  • Afhq
    2014-1st attempt,mains--pol science
  • Minister.Mp.MLA.
    All others are secondary.
  • Sab bakchodi maarte hain bhai. IAS powerful hain bhai but logo ko IPS ka bhi bhot passion hain.

    IAS toh baap hain yar- In layman terms.

    Jaha commisionerate system hain, waha IPS logo ki bhi Chandi hain otherwise DM ki yoh bhot hi power hain.

    Anyways, every service has its charm.

    Moreover, seems like its your first attempt. Mai bhi pehle IAS, IPS etc karta tha. Ab toh Reserve list waala bhi mil jaaye.

    Good luck.
    Manzil mile na mile ye to muqaddar ki baat hain, Hum koshish bhi na kare ye toh galat baat hain.
  • Neta bano jao.phir chill maro
    2014-1st attempt,mains--pol science
  • Neta bano jao.phir chill maro
    Peddlar ban jaao. Fir chill maaro.
    Manzil mile na mile ye to muqaddar ki baat hain, Hum koshish bhi na kare ye toh galat baat hain.
  • bhai For me IPS because ek layman ki ya fir ek gundey ki sirf Vardi dekh ke hi fatt ti hain , Vaise IAS has more power but I will go for IPS anyways
  • Asli power dil mein hoti hai \m/
    hahahahaaaha Exactly bro , fir it doesn't matter IAS ya IPS
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