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Why doesnt ForumIAS have Questions & Answers like Insights?

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I am posting this question in this category called ForumIAS Answers.

Earlier, when I was working, and I used to follow ForumIAS this category used to have daily questions and answers. There was also with very good answer writing practise questions.

It was mentioned all over Quora once, and then they stopped doing it. Insights on the other hand did the questions pretty well.

Also, ForumIAS has this very secret/secretive page : which is hidden, and it has very good coverage of Newspaper ( daily ) from Hindi, but for some reason ForumIAS people/admin dont make it public

Any particular reasons behind such clandestine operations ( overlooking the very fact that noone knows who runs ForumIAS )

I have sent this message to root, neyawn asg and some more members, but I have failed to elicit a response.

P.s. We need Answer writing threads like Insights On India on ForumIAS, and it is high time the admin and mods realise that.

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  • I will be the qualified person to answer this question as I have been instrumental in the direction which ForumIAS has taken in the past few years. I am not sure it has been the right way though.

    1. ForumIAS Answers had developed good traction before it was stopped. At one point of time close to 20-25 answers were being written on it daily on ( , now defunct )It wasnt visible publicly, but many ForumIAS members used it. Hence the mention on of ForumIAS answers - as one of the Major Answer writing portals on the Internet.

    2. The reasons for it shutting down were because a number of us who had taken up the job of running ForumIAS, took up jobs elsewhere or got into the services. Among the first ten users, the last one to get into services or take up a job elsewhere was Lingraj Panda who secured Rank 38 this year. ( I myself took up a job elsewhere after My UPSC Interview in 2014. @asg , another founding member now works at Frank & Sullivan)

    3. ForumIAS was not meant to be a free/paid coaching Institute originally. ForumIAS was created so that people preparing for UPSC could connect - a job which we have only half done. And as has been said before, the goal was to be Quora of Civil Services, and not Piratebay. However, I feel we are somewhere between the two - we are neither a Quora, nor an Orkut , niether Piratebay - we are somewhere in between - or perhaps all of them.

    4. ForumIAS's basic philosophy was against personality cult. Those days we had Mrunal and a few other blogs - were the authority on Civil Services .We still have Mrunal and Now we also have Insights on India. Not to underestimate the tremendous work they have been doing - which has personally benefited me, but ForumIAS wasnt supposed to be a Mrunal or Insights or anybody else.

    The idea was, if you are good at writing, ForumIAS would provide the opportunity to showcase your talent. You did not have to run your own blog and commit man hours for it - you could do this here and people would follow you.

    A great example would be profiles like Neanderthal , Partho, Ashish, doodlebean ( they gets hundreds of messages all the time, which he dutifully answers despite his busy schedule after getting Rank 9 ) - which people love and adore here. I personally am a big fan of Doodlebean for her contributions - though I feel they have been a bit off the mark than what I would have truly liked from a rank holder with amazing writing skills.

    So we did not like personality cults back then, and we do not do so now. If you contribute well, you get popular, that's about it. ForumIAS wasnt one man's fiefdom ever. You can choose to follow me or someone else here.

    ( However, the Indian public loves idols , and we may have been wrong. They want a person, a human to lead, which is where ForumIAS may have failed )

    You asked why Answer Writing not being done by ForumIAS. The truth is, if you are good enough, you could create your own Answer writing thread, and people would join in answering you. It shouldn't take @ForumIAS @root or @Neyawn to do it.

    It could be done by you , @kaashonline

    I saw the questions posted by you in Prelims and they were great! - now is no more hidden, but is not actively promoted, so that concern of your has been invalidated :)

    As for ForumIAS Answers™ we have been considering it - not because websites like Insights or IASBaba is doing it, but because we would like to have more academic discussions on ForumIAS, something that has dwindled since 2013.

    We have not done a lot of things we should have, but we have somewhat been able to touch the lives of most IAS aspirants in the past 3 years. And sometime when you bump into a random profile like @ 1pm who thanks you for creating this platform that helped him/her crack IAS under 100 rank - it doesn't feel as if we have gone too off the mark.

    Lastly, ForumIAS has limited resources (Forums are expensive and require spending on technology, servers, optimization and handling concurrent users - say 1800 comments / minute is a big deal ) in terms of revenue.

    Advertising revenues would never pay what a pay per user model would do. Advertising hasn't been successful anywhere - in print media or electronic media and ForumIAS doesnt have a paid test series like Insight to support . (Plus Forum running would cost 15 times more than what a wordpress blog would do for half the traffic. Because Forum isn't static and 60% + repeat users ensures that people logging in do not click on Ads - hence Google Ad revenue wouldn't be sufficient to support an organisation that can have say former Microsoft & Flipkart employees working for it. )

    You know this when you see Cable TV and Hindu increasing User Fees.

    But yes, I believe that we need to be a better platform , and our job doesn't end with bringing so many people on the same platform. ForumIAS needs to have a more educative role than that, especially when we have access to so many people who have the talent, experience and domain expertise with respect to Civil Services.

    So yes, we are listening, and give us some time, We'll be better :)


    ( Oh, and We will soon bring Upvotes and a host of other features for you , so that its stays relevant. @Gks, your demands are also on our agenda, just that we wouldn't be able to commit to a timeline ;)
    DPS R K Puram | Manipal | Microsoft | PMRDF | Founder,
  • gksgks
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    Thanks for taking a note for useful features :)

    I'm feeling really honored by finding A Mention to me in the Same post alongwith @Neyawn @Neanderthal ,@Partho, @Ashish, and @doodlebean

    Btw, that "Advertising revenues would never pay what a pay per user model would do." reminds me of the popular document written by some IAS Probationers named "Reading between the lines". :)

    I, personally agree that "Quality-of-service alongwith Technologically-Advanced-TOOLS (which definitely require Huge investments on part of Admin) which can help in gaining Maximum-Knowledge-in-Minimun-Possible -time is MUCH MORE important to a 'Serious' IAS Aspirant than a 100% Free Service which is prone to waste almost 50% of online time in Digging Deep into an ocean of Information - to find 'Relevant-at-THAT-point' 'Knowledge'.
  • @kaashonline

    Instead of bookmark for individual comments - assume it as PERSONAL / PRIVATE 'tags' for individual comments AND discussions - that way searching 'ethics-books tag would show me 2 discussions and also 10 individual comments tagged BY ME under that tag,

    That is what I suggested in feature request,

    And I know it is possible as individual comments on our forum are ALSO COMPLETE ENTITIES because each comment has a UNIQUE HYPERLINK ADDRESS

    Last 5-6 years in different fields of web technology have proved that TAGS SRE 100 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN SIMPLE BOOKMARKS, if implemented correctly.

    And that is what root told us that they want to implement it correctly and THOUGHTFULLY and that hence it would take SOME TIME.
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