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Share your GK Today Test series prelim 2015 Score

One month left.
Share your GK Today Test series prelim 2015 score.
Compare and be confident. Good luck.


  • i got 43.33 in mock 1. :(( =(( :-O 8-} 8-X [-O<
    what about you guys?
  • i got a 68 in 1 . dunno which was it
  • I got 58 in 1st , solved the second got lesser than that...then I left solving them. ~X(
  • Test share karo... To solve kar ke Batata hoon Ki kitna score kiya :P
    aap zulf e jaana ke, kham sanwaariye saheb, zindagi ki zulphon ko, aap kya sanwarenge?
  • @Reddy_2ruly hahaha. Getting same feeling.
  • @anarchist surely can share 1-2 Test free. If you want all 12, please share your wealth :D ;)
  • sharing the test series would lead to legal trouble for the forumias.... they have already been given notices by the coaching people... lets also inform the tax authorities about their enrollments. already selected people in tax departments can help the cause
  • i have attempted 6 mocks till now highest i could get was 47.64..
    Wasnt mee
  • edited July 2015
    @kuwar_shardool it looks like they are tough. Anything above 50s would be good score
  • @Himalaya Singh ...just share first test and key... I am just curious... Otherwise personally I am against writing tests for pre in last two months... It may ruin confidence...
    aap zulf e jaana ke, kham sanwaariye saheb, zindagi ki zulphon ko, aap kya sanwarenge?
  • And don't share that publically here, do mail..
    aap zulf e jaana ke, kham sanwaariye saheb, zindagi ki zulphon ko, aap kya sanwarenge?
  • @anarchist what is your email?
  • Can someone share the papers?
  • @Pushkin As told by someone, sharing is againt Forumias rules. Still tell me email.
  • Those looking for MCQs for pre 15 can mail me at sample test attached.
    TEST 6.pdf
  • Yeah may be they are (lots of sci-tech questions) bt i saw few guys scoring around 120-150 (on Scoreboard). I'll attempt remaining tests after 2 weeks of revision then 'll share my marks.
    Wasnt mee
  • test 5-58
    test 6-72
    Mission 2018 - Final assault
  • @Kunwar_Shardool yeah giving after revision is good idea.
    Any idea how many people giving test. What will be rank in range


  • 68..i think in paper 1
    One of the greatest mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results
  • @Himalaya Singh bro not many names on scoreboard max 150-200 people are there..

    60-70 in Rank 20-30
    70-80 in Rank 10-20
    80+ top 10
    Wasnt mee
  • mock 2= 40 :-SS
  • @kgips same in mock 1 for me 43.33
  • @Kunwar_Shardool thanks bro.
    Any idea about the number of test takers?
  • Test 1> 45 correct- 24 incorrect = 74 /200
    .So here I go, it's my shot...
    Feet: fail me not, this is the only opportunity that I got....

    CAPF AC 2013 - BSF
    CSE 2013 | Interview CSE 2014 | Mains CSE 2015 | Mains
  • @Himalaya Singh number of test takers varies with each test..still not more than 200 are attempting the test online. I guess some people are giving final touch to their preparation and will attend them later.
    Wasnt mee
  • please share the tests. I gave test 1 and 58 and 62 respectively. Please share other tests if anybody have them or mail at
  • Got 58 in mock 2
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