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Engineering guidance out there??

edited March 2013 in Miscellaneous
a. How many of you have engineering subject as optional??
b. And where do one find past years' question papers of these unpopular optionals??
c. To be specific, I'm a civil engineer.....any help is appreciative. Thanks!
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  • a) sorry my optional is maths
    b) the previous year UNSOLVED papers for almost all optionals excepts few lit papers are published by NEW VISHAL PUBLICATION based at west patel nagar, Delhi. Most of these books are available in Jawahar book store,Ber Sarai and other shops in delhi may have them. But if you are outside delhi tell us where you are from and someone from your city might help you.
    c) i have seen new vishal unsolved papers for Civil engg, so it sure exists...
    (scroll down on this page to find the listing for civil engg)
  • @Caartey
    a.Thanks for responding..Yes, I'd already ordered them from Jawahar...I goofed up, I meant where can I get solutions of those papers??
    b. I'm putting up outside Delhi. And just outta curiosity did you find a connect b/w IFS and IAS papers of Maths optional??
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  • edited March 2013
    i dont think they even exist...

    Yeah IAS and IFoS math papers are almost identical...
    Some minor changes like same question in IFoS carries 2/3rd's of mark as it would in IAS
    also there might be a little variation in the grouping of small questions from different chapter...
    Apart from these they are simply one and the same...
  • @Caartey: H'mm...Thank you anyway.
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  • @Caartey: Friend actually I got those question papers of Civil Engineering from New Vishal. But those contain papers only from 2006 onwards. How do I go about finding more old papers like of 1990s or early 2000s??
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  • @alphaqsecc
    Some optional papers where introduced during the re-organisation of optional in 2006
    Civil Engg is probably one of those
    or probably they didn't conduct exam coz no one selected it as optional...

    Now what next...
    You can apply thru RTI to UPSC asking for all the previous year question papers they have on record
    and add the fees for soft copy in CD form, coz it will be a lot of pages and RTI print charges are very high...
    also you can't share it with anyone...
    But before that, just confirm if there was a civil engg optional before 2006...
  • @Caartey: Thanks for the info, it was helpful. But earlier I had come across question paper of 2004 on net.
    So I feel the possibility of introduction of CE as optional in 2006 is almost negligible. But yes, maybe there could have been change in syllabus back then.
    Still I'd like to have old question papers. Is there any way I can find them in Delhi?? Or RTI is the only tool? Thank you for your help man. I so appreciate :)
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  • edited March 2013
    I didn't mean they introduced exactly in 2006
    they might have introduced earlier but in some years students selected it as optional and sometimes they didn't

    Best place for you to start would be either Jawahar Book Store, Ber Sarai. or New Vishal Publication, West patel Nagar. or UPSC itself thru RTI...

    Also check if jawahar book store has brilliant tutorial optional material for civil engineering it will definitely have every past paper and with solutions too...
    If not go to brilliant delhi office to confirm and more info before buying the original little costly but its the only source for solved past papers that i know of...
  • @Caartey : Thanks a zillion man. As I'm based outside Delhi, I'd try calling vishal publications.
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  • @alphaqsecc Are you also appearing for IES Exam?
    DPS R K Puram | Manipal | Microsoft | PMRDF | Founder, ForumIAS.com
  • @AyushSinha: Just for IAS. Are you a civil engineer?
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  • @alphaqsecc u got the previous year's paper...?? plz gv a link..thnks in advance
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