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Are there any NRIs preparing for Civil Services 2015?

it could be very difficult to prepare if you're not in India. no books, coaching centers, courses, like-minded ppl, foreign setup, visa and job worries etc
so which part of the world are you in?
please share how are you managing to prepare for the exam?
what are the sources?
how do you keep yourself motivated?
will you be joining at least any test series?
do you worry that there is this small chance of regretting your decision to become an IAS if tomorrow you didn't find it fascinating enough as compared to your life now?

I'll start first -
I m from Singapore. preparing for the exam since October last year. usually I don't get much time to prepare because job. belong to UP. Working here in IT as sales consultant. I was lost initially as to how I should prepare for this. Googled a lot, read forums, articles, followed epapers & other stuff online. Started with NCERT, continued till end of last year. Then I purchased some books online early this year, parents couriered the books here. Still 1/3rd of the books are left :( but I m leaving them for now. From today I'm starting the revision and concentrating on prelims. Worried that I superficially know most of the things as described in syllabus but lack deep knowledge & understanding. Maybe revision will help. Still I know it will hurt in mains if at all I can qualify prelims. I started late as this is my first attempt and I do not have many attempts left. Maybe next year I'll be better prepared :P
I had submitted the form already but haven't booked flight tickets yet, will do it most probably in coming weeks. have to apply for leave also aahhh

anybody else from Singapore?


  • Bro.. Next year never comes
    1st Attempt - 2014 - CSM-fail
    2nd Attempt - 2015 - CSP fail, Opt - Pol. sci. ,
    "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
  • I am preparing (from US) and there are many people I know.
    All generalizations are false including this one
    Fascinating Universe -
  • Hey, I am in London and live with my family. Gave prelims last year but studied for like a month. Just wanted to see how the exam worked.

    My optional is economics, for which i was in Delhi till December.(Very bad decision, really bad coaching).
    Been in London since then, got all my books along with me. Got the rest like IYB via family.

    Prep is going okay, struggling with environment and havent even touched Science.
    Reading the Hindu online is a little irritating and the unavailibility of Yojana is a major issue but there is the advantage that there are no distractions here.

    The only drawback is that i do not know many people studying for the exam.

  • good to know u all. @Winchesters don't worry bhai yahan bhot log hai UP waale
    @dota2riki I know that's why I m giving it my all this year
    @abhinitb good for you.
    @Utsava123 i completely agree about the yojna. for the hindu you can try using this app called feedly, gets you feeds.

    keep up the spirit boyss!
  • @sabertth

    Are you serious about UP walahs? i never came across any. I met only tamilians and Mallus :>
    2015 First Attempt
    Optional - History
  • @sabertth

    Are you serious about UP walahs? i never came across any. I met only tamilians and Mallus :>
    And i am from UP too.
    2015 First Attempt
    Optional - History
  • @DanceEternity88 hmm strange you've not met anyone from UP here. in my experience I've found same amount of people from UP as those from gujarat, bengal, bihar, oriya, rajasthan, maharashtra and so on. yes there is majority of people from south india and that is because of historical reasons (tamil is one of the official language here) and geographical proximity to SGP. One more reason could be the surplus IT population in south which has demand everywhere in world today not just SGP.
    where do you stay here and what do you do?
  • na bhai not in my case. Only a doctor from Kanpur who wanted to do surgery but things didnt shape up well. so he is also back and preparing for the exam. He is the only UP person i know @sabertth
    2015 First Attempt
    Optional - History
  • Hi..
    I am also from singapore..
    I appeared for upsc 2013 Interview.. dint get through that time..
    I m in singapore for the past 6 months.. i am planning to give upsc 2016.. i also thought that it would be very useful to know like minded people who are preparing..
  • Bhai aapne UP ka naam ooncha kiya hai, aap shayad UP se pehale insaan ho jo Vilaayat jaake bhi kheti-majdoori na karke IT me job karta hai.

    Waving Indian Flag
    Bhai itni beijati b mt kr up ki .people are well educated , affluent and had contributed their best to build this nation. Indeed, its " punjabi " who do all sorts of odd job because of their NRI obsession. And no body do " kheti majoori " out of their wish , just because you are privileged and fortunately did better throughout ur life doesn't allow you to demean others.

    Ps ; I am from rajasthan !!
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • hi guys, sorry for disappearing. had to go out on a business trip. need to catch-up a lot on revision. chances look grim now :(

    good to know you @Ramya Shanmugam, reaching the interview stage is in itself should be counted as an achievement. Did you appear for exam in 2014? 2015?
  • Hey all! So I'm gonna be one among you by next month. Any tips, advice as to how to manage the prep abroad?

  • hello, i'm an NRI from USA, preparing for 2016. trying to manage most books on pdf's. I will buy books on my next trip to India. it will be nice to meet other people like me.
  • Hi,

    I am currently working in USA and preparing for 2016. Trying hard to manage work & prep. Would love to discuss strategies, book lists and other topics with people on the same boat.

  • I left my overseas opportunities and came back to a small city of UP to prepare for the most coveted job.

    Tried preparing with Job but wasn't giving justice to either of them, so finally quit last week.

    Will test waters in 2016.
  • It is not easy working full-time and also dedicating time for the preparation. All the best!

    It would be helpful to mention strategies each one is using for their prep. Websites, books, division of time for each paper. I agree it varies for each person, but it could be a starting point.
  • edited March 2016

    Bhai aapne UP ka naam ooncha kiya hai, aap shayad UP se pehale insaan ho jo Vilaayat jaake bhi kheti-majdoori na karke IT me job karta hai.

    Waving Indian Flag

    @Winchesters Bhojpuri People are heads of state/government and/or cabinet ministers in countries like Mauritius,West Indies,South Africa ,Netherlands,Fiji, Suriname,Nepal,Guyana,Seychelles etc. since decades but they do not SHOW-OFF.NOBEL PRIZE WINNER VS NAIPUAL IS BHOJPURI. NICKI MINAJ IS HALF BHOJPRI FROM TRINIDAD.LIST IS LONG.DNT BE NARROW MINDED.

    LINK: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/education/story/indian-origin-anerood-jugnauth-is-mauritius-new-pm/1/407846.html
  • I don't understand why don't you prepare for civil services of your host country you can be much more satisfied

    P.S.: before hate comments start pouring in its about life and job satisfaction
  • Hey guys, I reckon the thread has been inactive for a long time. I am also based in Singapore. Would be great if guys based here can get in touch and we can form a small group.
  • what u NRI janta seeks to apply here : (no this is not ethics paper)

    reason 1: global job crises and subsequesnt donald trump wall

    coz most of iit/iit-like janta settled in USA are pretty well and even if they return will come as entrepreneur in later age

    कृपया यहां ज्ञान न बांटे यहां सभी ज्ञानी है
  • Anyone in Singapore need some preparation material , please ping here. I have some vision test series and question banks.
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