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What is the meaning of ' strategic autism ' phrase in diplomacy?

Hi guys
In editorial heading "to china with a clear strategy" dated may 12.. para 5th para
Thr is statement
#Many western analysts believe that china is presently d3monstrating a degree of strategic autism, resulting f4om its growing power#
What does this mean?


  • I haven't read the article . The term strategic autism means China's rise and its assertive influence to others like a autistic child who is unable to communicate properly or miscommunicate with others. China wants to rise peacefully and exert its soft power globally but it is unable to realise that her strategic moves often causes annoyance to others as against the peaceful rise doctrine which it wishes to pursue. For example it claim south china sea region by showing ancient historical connections but unable to foresee that such move would be seen as a threat by countries like vietnam etc. China's policies are driven by ancient historical policies from confucius, Tsun zu etc. which may not be relevant on today's diplomacy. West considers that china' diplomacy is autistic and doesnot favour herself as a growing responsible power.
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