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Needs guidance in Maithili Literature

I have failed 3 times in Mains as History optional. Want to now switch to Maithili Literature. My mother tongue is Maithili but beside that i have no exposure in Maithili litereature. Can any one guide me about which is the best coaching institute, avereage time required, mean marks obtained etc. ??


  • If your mother tongue is maithili then you can't find a subject more comfortable than maithili for CSE. I took coaching from Manthan IAS by shekhar sir . He teaches good and provide maximum result in final list ( as per all coaching advertisement ). I have no idea about other coaching so can't say it's best or not.

    maithili will take 2 month to prepare. Mean marks around 200 (those who were in list in 2013 final list). Rest depend on you how well you perform. can get 230-240.
  • (Shekhar Jha) Manthan IAS and Surendra Raut are two well known Maithili mentors..however, they would hardly bring anything more than facilitation..you need to mug up to a larger extent yourself..you can also contact Shekhar Prakashan, patna for all the relevant books..it would take approx 2 months to prepare the subject..Maithili fetches above average marks..last year, majority were in the vicinity of 200..Good Luck..
  • @perilous Thanks for the information. It will be of immense help.
  • @AutoGlobe Thanks for the help. Your guidance especially on phone cast away my all doubts regarding Maithili optional.
  • Is it possible to prepare Maithli without joining any coaching or classes???
  • I have heard that 30/40 of 60/80 who wrote mains in maithili have got interview call?? Is it true?
  • @Heisenberg24 If you can write and read maithili well then i dont think there is need for coaching.
  • How is Shekhar jha (manthan IAS) ?
  • One must go for Maithili lit but few points need to keep in mind -
    1. There is not any so called scoring optional.
    2. I have seen candidates failing with maithili lit as well in their repetitive attempts.
    3. Good amount of time is required if one want to get outstanding score.
    4. Average marks scored in maithili is same as other optionals, which is around 180. And that's not sufficient to even get interview call.

    So my suggestion is -
    1. Read text books available of maithili lit (relevant to syllabus).
    2. Give same attention to maithili as one will give to any other optional.
    3. Focus more on analytical portion as mugging up will not help one. This is quite evident in papers asked from 2011 mains onwards.
    4. Frankly speaking sekhar jha's notes is not upto the mark, which is required to clear UPSC. Though one can complete M.A with that.

    Rest is upto you folks. Respect every subject u read for UPSC otherwise battle would be half won as our motive is to get final success not only get the interview call.

  • @AutoGlobe : Kindly guide me for Maithili books and preparation strategy!! Thank you.
  • @Akanksha Rana: Go for coaching in Delhi. I will recommend you to go for suriender Raut sir. All your doubts will be cleared.
  • hw many finally selected frm Maithili?
  • iss baar kat gaya hai.. selections not in same proportion as the interview calls..

    Correct me if I am wrong
  • I doubt that... Two people I have known, both got selected... One got 95th rank and other 400 something...
  • other than these 2 I too know them... over 15 were called for interview.. selection are not in that proportion
  • Was Rank 57 also having Maithili?
  • dont kno
  • Was Rank 57 also having Maithili?
  • Guys what's important for this timw
  • Let's share the expected topics here..
  • @dhokaa ji sunaa hai aapne iss baar Maithli mein sabse uttam ank liye hain. Aur Maithli mein sabse zyada ank lene ka vishv record banaaya hai :D

    You can also subscribe my channel/page "Sleepy Classes" on youtube. All the best :)
  • Sekhar Sir is One of the best teacher in maithili ,most of the students qualified in UPSC are his students.Last year( 2014 ) 10-12 result in UPSC from maithili!I were his student.
    1) Concept clarity
    2) Basic classes
    3) covering whole syllabus

    1) Too much gossiping
    2) unnecessary class delay

    I personally know Sawan kumar,Santosh kumar were his students.

    2nd name comes as Raut Sir,he is also a good teacher .
  • Don't go to Shekhar sir....go for Raut sir without any hesitation. If u hv still any doubts attend the mock classes of both and then decide.
    Death is only truth rest all is Dhoka...
  • Anyone going for maithili?
  • Let the maithilii opted students form a group? Any1 interested? I am a maithil and can speak and write maithili.
    But I dnt have resources as I am not in Delhi. Better we form a group and discuss our plans.
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