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Review about Chemistry optional

edited September 2015 in Physics & Chemistry
i am in dilemma what to choose my optional subject
i thought to choose chemistery as optional because its my best of subject and even after having a luk at previous question paper
i had found it not tough at all as it is covering chemistry upto jee level only
but still many are avsing to take history because almst half of hstory is covered in gs
thinking from analytical mind , chemistery seems to e more scoring to me

but i am still in a big mess ?
i am having enough time to prepare as it s my scnd year to btech cse


  • I will suggest you to prepare gs papers well. You are in second yr of btech and there chances that after -2-3 years cse will remove optional subjects. You can always prepare your optional in 6-8 months time if you are really good at it...
    Mehnat itni khamoshi se karo ki qamyabi shor macha de !!!
  • meaning i shud concentrate on gs more
  • You are right.. the level of chemistry has come down in last two years.. i think same with math and physics.. a few years ago the questions were very difficult.. i think engineers are getting a fair treatment these days while earlier odds were against these subjects..
    But dont be fooled by a few questions as here you have to get almost everything correct so syllabus is still vast and will take quite some time..
  • hmm , so wat shud i do ?
    shud i got with chemistry or with any other subject
  • kaunsi IIT me ho aap?
    Chemistry syllabus is far greater than the JEE syllabus. Focus is on "remembering" and writing short notes as oppossed to problem solving as in JEE. Also when you look at the past papers your aim should be - how can I solve 100% of the paper. Solving 50-70% of the paper related to JEE syllabus will not give you a good rank.

    I wouldve recommended you chemistry until last year as all the questions used to be of similar nature every year. But this time the chemistry paper was very different and quite a bit tough IMO. If you arent doing MSc Chemistry I would suggest you just focus on GS now. You can decide your optional in the last year.

    P.S. Prepare your GS well... if you do that you will have plenty of time to choose any optional.

    (I passed out from IITB - EE last year... Finalist in chemistry olympiad... Gave Mains with chemistry optional this year)
  • @ sarjan.
    what is ur correct attempt in both papers this year ? how difficult u find paper 2?
  • No i m nt in iit
    my math portion is week which leads my jee failure
    But i am still cnfidnt abt chem that i wl lernt it far bttr n faster thn any humnity subjcts
    Organic is wat i hold strong position in
    i never tried fr olympiard bt got indulge in chem more than jee level as well
  • @ashish85 what's your correct attempt in Chem this time
  • @ashish85
    I was kinda sad after giving the chemistry paper cuz I expected to solve 90-100% correct. So I havent really looked back at the paper since then.

    I found the paper 2 a bit easier as compared to paper 1 mostly because I am better at organic chem.
  • hello has anyone cleared with chemistry as optional?
  • caution: one good friend of mine, st stephen and IITb chem gold medalist couldnt make through it in her second attempt. last year she missed the final list just by three marks due to low score in GS 2 and GS 3. she was expecting top 50 this time..shattered to the core
  • Addendum:
    she was in top 10 in majority of test papers in different test series..
  • @hopeleads
    are u talking about garima ? if you dont mind, would you share her score in chemistry. as this will give a rough idea of upper side of possible score in chemistry.
  • Hi.. yeah.. 490 rank wid chem this yr.. 1st attempt.. IIT D :)
    AIR 27,CSE 2015
  • @hopeleads
    are u talking about garima ? if you dont mind, would you share her score in chemistry. as this will give a rough idea of upper side of possible score in chemistry.

    the person u r talkin abt is AIR 217
  • hey guys whats your chemistry marks? they have been uploaded..
  • kisi ko pata hai dias wale coaching me kya kya material date hai and where i cant get them
  • kisi ko pata hai dias wale coaching me kya kya material date hai and where i cant get them
    They provide only handwritten notes. No printed booklets. Mainly notes copied from Abhijeet Agarwal's notes.

    Get them directly at .
    Optional -Chemistry
    "Its better to be late than never"
  • Optional -Chemistry
    "Its better to be late than never"
  • syllabus is vast in comparison to those arts subjects hence disadvantage in the new format with no holidays between exams .. rest everything is good
  • Did anyone purchased chemistry material of DIAS institute ...price mentioned 22500 it worth to purchase ? we know BT material available in market in which questions solved till 2005 ....i am basically looking for solved questions after 2005 ....
    Batao yaaron ???? Any chemistry optional whatsaap group ??
  • Pls create a whatsapp group,for optional chem
  • Pls create a whatsapp group,for optional chem

    already there is a grup ..message me ur no i will add ...and u knwo some topper share hsi no too
  • Hey. I'm doing chem Hons from du. Im in 1st year . I want to prepare for upsc with chemistry optional. But I had heard that chemistry is not that helping subject in upsc as compared to other humanities subjects coz most of their syllabus covers the GS part so u don't need to give that much time to the optional. please suggest if it so??? I want to prepare for upsc from the first year itself. Please suggest how should I start my preparations and which subject will be good and scoring in upsc as an optional???
  • Hey . I'm in first year of chemistry Hons . Du. I want to prepare for upsc. I had thought of chemistryas my optional subject coz I really like this subject still I'm confused coz I hadheard that it is not that scoring , specially your rank goesdown because of these ,science subjects as compared to humanities subjectscoz most of the syllabus of GSpapers are covered in history optionals. Nd u get more time to prepare for the GS. . I'm really confuses. Plz suggest good optional fir upsc. And I want to start my preparations from the first year itself .. plz suggest how should I approach my preparations as the the very first step of mine towardsupsc???
  • there is whts grp for chem ..some one want to join message me ur no in my message box.
  • Physical Chemistry by Puri, Sharma pathania... For sale latest edition. Brand new @300. I am at old rajinder nagar,going home day after tomorrow. I will sell the book immediately to the first person who whatsapp me at 8376041998
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