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Best coaching for GS - Vajiram or Sriram?

edited February 2013 in Miscellaneous
I will be graduating soon so I am going to come to Delhi for coaching...My mind was on Vajiram but recently I have read few posts here claiming Sriram may be better with respect to the dynamic part of GS while Vajiram is better in the static part Please tell which one should I join or any other... Also please tell when do the batches start and when is the best time of the year( may june or October) to come for coaching...?
PS:In my last few posts nobody replied so this time Please reply leave any suggestions, recommendations about anything related to UPSC , it will be much appreciated as you all faced it so many times...


  • same question from my side. plz answer this question. im also completing my engineering this year.
    thanks in advance :D
  • vajiram is comparatively better
  • @rajiv_kumar2 @dark_knight The questions you have raised have already been discussed in a previous thread. Please go through them and let us know if you still have some queries.

  • @fallen_leaves sir thanks for pointing in the right direction. i still have some questions,
    1.we are waiting for the changed pattern from the upsc and if pattern change there will be more static portion in the mains if optional's are omitted from the mains in that case vajiram would be a better choice or still sri ram.
    2. as Rajiv_Kumar2 bro asked "when do the batches start and when is the best time of the year( may june or October) to come for coaching...?"
    3. if somebody can tell about the approx cost of accommodation and food per month it will appreciated as it will help in planing.
    thanks for the help.
  • @dark_knight Firstly no Sir and all :) Now getting to your questions.

    1. That would a very hypothetical question, and we wont know till the notification is out. In any case, Sriram covers both the static as well as the dynamic portion in a pretty decent manner. With all these changes that are happening, coaching institutes can just give you basic guidance and I believe Sriram does that well. I have no first-hand experience with Vajiram, so I cant compare. But all in all, I am satisfied with Srirams.

    2. Batches start both in June and October and which batch to join is a matter of personal choice. Traditionally, people used to join classes for optionals in June, which would be for around 3 months or so and thereafter join classes for GS in October. However things are changing now and the whole concept of optionals may get eliminiated. So! Moreover, there is no A+B+C formula that can be termed as 'best practices' So its all about whatever works best for you.

    3. I actually drive down and thus cant really comment on accomodation and food. However, from what people say, you can get a room from around 6-7k/month upwards and food would be around 2-3k, depending upon your choices. You know, someone did discuss about rentals, fooding etc in one of the threads. I couldnt find it. So why dont you dig it up. Ill pass the link if I find it before you. Lol.

    Hope that solves your queries!
  • edited February 2013
    @fallen_leaves Thank u so much. I can not express how grateful i am, im a new user here and this forum has helped me more in last 5-6 days of activity compare to my entire real world help. this forum is really helpful for people like me who dont have anyone around to guide them. ok i will try to dig that thread u r referring and if found i will post the link here so that others people like me can also benefit from that.
    thank you so much :D

    p.s. if any other question pop will ask here plz Bear with me >:D<
  • im guessing that you were referring to this thread titled "room in delhi"
    here is the link guys

  • @dark_knight You're welcome :) And yes, thats the thread I was talking about.
  • Thanks @Raj_IPS & fallen_leaves for valuable suggestions I will be going through the thread which you sent...
  • Hi All,
    I am very much confused about joining coaching institute.
    Earlier i had zeroed in Vajiram , but now i am little suspicious about it, as i am hearing mixed reviews .
    I have heard quite good reviews about Sriram's IAS but i am not too sure if there is any batch starting in september or october 2013.

    Please if any1 can help me get rid of this confusion.
    Vajiram/ Sriram/ALS , which is best among the 3 and why ?

    Thanks in advance :)
    Koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti ..
  • edited April 2014
    please this very important post please tell which is good between them sri ram vs vaji ram
  • Vajiram is a better option in my opinion . They are more professional and emphasize more on basics along with good faculty for every part of g.s . I tool coaching from sriram for old g.s syllabus and joined the mains updated course at vajiram .
  • ye paid post to ni hai ? :\">
  • Hahah no my friend .. I was just trying to give my personal opinion , i have got no hidden motives behind this post .
  • guys can anyone plz tell -when june batch of vajiram concluded?
  • For the GS preparation regarding the Pt and mains both can be find a one place at AspireIAS, where one can get the personal guidance through the Specailsed programme Target-50 in which an individual can get complete guidance in the fields irrespective of History, geography, IR, Economy, Polity, S&T, Security, Ethics etc., from GS1 to GS4, all under one tree programme of Target-50 and coming to revision and retension which makes difference in quality and quantity prepartion, there is writing skills programme where one can get compl;etion of revision and also strong and powerful writing practice through enhancement of writing skills.
  • both are taking huge amount of fees and not giving quality..nothing is there so pls avoid coachings..go for self studies n join test series only.
  • guys can anyone plz tell -when june batch of vajiram concluded?
    5 may. and oct batch ended on 17 july

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