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What is a good score in Vajiram/CL/Others prelims test series?

edited February 2013 in Miscellaneous
What is a good score in

1) Vajiram
2) Career Launcher
3) Byju
4) Others

Prelims test series?
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  • I'm taking UPSC portal AITS. It would be good if someone can tell what are the reasonable marks :)
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  • VR&R - Rank in 120s

    BYJU - There is no way to determine. As they give your marks v/s the highest scorers marks. So it is hard to determine where others lie, except ofcourse the topper.

    CL and Others - No clue

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  • I have joined CL and i think marks that can get u to the toppers list are a good score! (this is also wht CL website says) Though that wud mean that only abt 150 students out of 6000+ students get a good score :-O
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  • as per ravindran sir,rank within 600 would be decent enough to clear the prelims.
  • edited February 2013
    i must add here that vajiram test series esp paper 2 is not at all relevant to the csat paper-2.
    i was enrolled in the test series and i had single digit ranks in paper-2( my worst being 21).
    Like so many,i had hoped to clear prelims on paper-2 alone.
    I devoted 100% of my time to paper-1 and began feeling confident about it.
    10 days before prelims, i checked vairam final test series paper and knew at first glance that it had become out of sync ( thanks to extensive prep in paper 1).
    I finally cleared prelims ( 110-paper 1 & 110- paper 2)
    In my quest to get 150 in paper 2, see what i ended up with. No matter how good your aptitude is, upsc balanced the paper 2 in 2012(in 2011, 150 was plausible for many)
    So just beware and keep it balanced.
    Also, i think there were far too many ambiguous options in paper 2 this time.
    These coaching wallahs sit in their couch and fart out their analysis ( moderators warn me if the language is abusive, i'll take care of it).
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    I used to get 600-1200 in vajiram, avg. 1000, last year. Scored 220-230 in pre. Test series is not an indicator of how you will do, except if you keep getting on the tail end of the list consistently.

    Vaji paper 2 depends on how you take it. Last year it was good, they laid a lot of emphasis on comprehension which helped me practice. Also, the question were too many, so i used to solve comprehension first, then aptitude because it was pretty obvious UPSC will not ask the quant tey used to give. Used to get within 100 every time. Score 160+ in pre. I think all test series are like that, they cannot take a risk so load up the paper with quant.
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  • Thank you @GambiTTT . That was very useful.

    One thing that amazes me here at ForumIAS is that how very capable and relatively successful make an extra effort to share their knowledge and experience with other people without any incentive or gain. This is sometime akin to charity. And that inspires me to add an extra comment or a Like, even when I am too tired.
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  • @gambit
    i must admit you used the test series smartly.
    As for me, my motto was to maximize my scores ( there were quite a few with the same motto)
    Having said that i believe a test series is good if it simulates as closely as it can the actual test pattern. If it does so, the ranks do have a significance.
    Any test series close ?

  • At the end of the day, every test series can only attempt to re create the UPSC scenario and level of questions and in my opinion, fail at it miserably. I was among the top 100 during my time at Vaji, but failed to clear my prelims 2012.

    My advice to all would be, focus on the knowledge behind the questions rather than the actual score itself. That should suffice as a condition for success in this exam.
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  • I agree with PoliceWala.
    However for me it was the other way round. Though i performed miserably in the test series i joined at KSG n various test papers available in the market but still managed to clear prelims.
    So don't let yourself be demotivated by d poor scores in test series coz ultimately what matters is d hardwork and luck (ur state of mind n decisions u take in d exam).
    Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things and no good thing ever dies.
  • These test series can be quite misleading. In Vajiram, my rank hovered between 300-500 depending on whether I studied or not :D Personally, I found the Vajiram test series more challenging than the actual Prelims. This was because their tests were inevitably centered on their class notes/Vajiram material. I did study those things but didnt want to place my entire focus on the same while neglecting other valuable sources.

    Also their CSAT was a waste of time; at least it was in 2010-2011. A friend of mine said a rank within 700 in Vajiram ensures Prelims success.
  • As for their CSAT (Paper 2) test series, I bunked most and attempted only a few cos the Maths part was so tough. I do remember getting somewhere around 1400 once and 700 later.

    As @Pragati said, it ultimately depends on the individual. These test series are good for experience and time management; however they are not the ultimate indicators of one's success or failure in the exam :)
  • Is anyone here appearing for Chronicle prelims test series. I just need to discuss the marks and to judge myself. It would be great if someone appearing for the same may let me know.
  • I have seen many papers of different institutes...the best one I feel is of CL....except some absurd mocks their CSAT mocks are quite well balanced.....Go for it try to reach atleast 150..... 150 in CL means 165-175 in UPSC prelims.....I think paper 1 of any institute is of no use....they are quite alienated from UPSC in generality as well as the difficulty level.....even 50 marks is like a mountain to climb....I can bet that the way UPSC is asking question these days any one slightly serious about the exam can score round about 80 with ease...for scoring above this one has to do some mind boggling....
    Remember the game has shifted to the CSAT paper and that too towards comprehension...this part is the tricky one....even if there is slight ambiguity in comprehension questions it takes a lot of time and energy out of those two hours.....
    One thing more....7 out of 10 people clear on keep practicing and try to score as much as you can...otherwise some non-serious can easily eliminate some serious ones....
  • I have also joined CL test series and my rank is oscillating between 600-1000.. even i m wondering wat shd be a good score in CL tests..
  • whats a decent rank in the vaji test now that the paper 2 is in the trash bin??

    I used to get a rank of about 400-600 n gs last year in gs and 150-300 in csat last year and managed to get through prelims with a score of approx 225(85+140) but am having self doubts this time :)

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