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How's Pavan Kumar's IAS for Public Administration ?

Pavan Kumar's Public Administration batch is starting from 22/01 . How is it? Worth joining..Any reviews


  • Dont join.. he is nt worth
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    Dont join.. he is nt worth
    why? rahul pandey and others strongly recommneds him. atleast he is better than mohanty and vajiram. Gives a clear understanding and connetcs p1 and p2 nicely. thats what i have heard and i am planning to join.

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    @prateeknsit which batch are you from ? I am 2013 DCE pass out
    @ksonu Thanks a lot !! Who is Rahul Pandey ? You are planning to join tomorrow's batch ?
  • 2011 pass out.
    In Pub Ad, you wud have to do the unofficial course too. Thats a bit too much. You may have a look at new course elsewhere in thread.
    Pub Ad has become unpredictable to say the least. UPSC is damn adamant to destroy this optional in current scheme of things. Crossing 200 in Pub Ad needs some effort. While other optionals are having score average above 220, ecomonics being the lone star in 2013 with 250s.

    Regarding Pavan Kumar, bcoz Pub Ad is playing out as is seen in 2014 year Mains, No coaching incuding pavan, mohanty can do much. In our batch, he taught us economy, Indian polity for UPSC Prelims, which was not justified. Bcoz this person has grip on economy, he teaches economy in Pub Ad classes ;)
    Then, some part of Post-independence History taught. So, in a way, he took us away from PubAd for nearly a month.

    Taking Pub Ad is a big decision for u. take it only when u have genuine interest in it, otherwise it would turn a disaster. I am cautioning you, becoz the optional has behaved that way. U can compare it from the recent scores of people here :-

    But there are people who have had strong grip on the optional like Rahul Pandey. Pandey is a different story bcoz h took coaching from pavan kumar in 2010 when Pavan used to be good. In the last btch in 2014 , when I got enrolled, merely 15 students were in class.

    P.S. :- I am no more a Pub Ad student after 2014 debacle. You may decide accordingly

  • Just cannot understand how come you guys get the idea of joining a coaching despite seeing upsc question papers. Can't u guys understand that the papers are set with the primary intention of destroying the coaching culture? See the other thread where doodlebean mam and others discussing pub ad topics. Can someone going to the coachings put their hand up and say we have such a quality in the coachings?

    If u r hell bent on necessity of a teacher, then get hold of someone like doodlebean and request guidance rather than joining in regular classes. Dont do utter waste of money
  • Dont join him. I was at the last batch from Jul-Oct 2014. He was not even knowing about the leaked syllabus. When I showed him the copy of leaked syllabus in class, He ignored it and said no questions would come from it. And look what happened. Questions came from it in Mains.
    Instead, follow @doodlebean thread for Pub Ad. She is doing more than what a teacher can do for u.
  • Do NOT join pavan sir's class for PubAd.
    teaches thinkers well.
    good test series discussion

    merges pub ad batch with GS2(pub ad is destroyed becoz of this)
    other chapters ... he just dictates problems and reforms. Useless for P2
    jokes on punjab , up and bihar
    superficial coverage of syllabus
    leaves topics untouched.
    DO NOT JOIN. prefer vajiram. at best you can take his test series. but here also he just gives previous year questions topic wise.
  • I had a bad experience with Pavan Sir's Pub AD. So much so that I decided to change optional that stick with pub ad. I found the class size was too big to allow for one on one interaction. After classes also sir was surrounded so you seldom got a chance to clarify doubts. Test series are good. Overall not worth the money. Better to build the basics from standard books and go through pavan sirs hand written notes.
  • Not worth joining..most of the times he demoralises people with saying "Non performing Assets" and most of the time crack poor jokes on UP,Bihar,Punjab and Vajiram...I didn't find it worth joining...
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    Not worth joining..most of the times he demoralises people with saying "Non performing Assets" and most of the time crack poor jokes on UP,Bihar,Punjab and Vajiram...I didn't find it worth joining...
    completely agree. he keeps mocking the financial status of the students. and a teacher should never have regional biases: he really hates punjab, up and bihar.
    he is very opinionated and will never care to listen to you. better to ignore and stay away from his coaching.
    he merged our batch with polity students, left many topics uncovered. his printed material is the worst shit available in ORN.
  • waste of money go for vajiram
    THE HINDU : hinduism is responsible for all ills in this world including the extinction of dinosaurs..
    hindu tanman hindu jeevan rag rag hindu mera parichay
  • So guys where to join public ad. If anybody wants.....
  • If you join Pavan Kumar, do one thing - follow his answer writing methodology to the hilt . My own experience has been that people who has followed his answer writing thing, have indeed scored very well - and some of them are those who scored well just because of his advice and guidance , and got some 600-900 rank, and have not gotten selected again.

    Also, I had a word with Arpit Sagar ( she is a woman and not a guy ), and she did benefit from his guidance.

    Whether to join or not join any coaching will depend a lot on the kind of person you are :-

    If you are a self study kind of person, then by all means do self study. That will help you. Or else you will take classes and not attend it - saying ki ye kya parha raha hai.

    On the other hand, if you are the kid who took teachers notes seriously all throughout school got good marks and then took coaching in plus two , make diligent notes, and got into a decent college , where again you actually spent four years studying while others had fun, and had a good GPA too, by all means follow your old method, take classes.

    The above lines were not meant for Pavan Kumars , but coaching in general.

    Coming to Pavan Kumar's , see you will only benefit if you get 5-6 copies checked by him and take a feedback. and then *implement* that feedback . If you just listen to lectures, it wont help much. You will need to learn the art of answer writing from him and implement it. I am aware of at least 3-4 people who secured good marks only in the paper in which they had followed his guidance. Thats it.

    Also, please try to get the gist of my review above. It is NOT a recommendation to go and join Pavan Kumar or anything like that. It is just rational viewpoint based on experience.
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    After reading Neyawn's answer, I'm interested to know what tips does he give for answer writing. If anyone has attended his classes, please share.
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  • Pavan Kumar is big fraud and his test series is bogus he would give previous years questionsupsc in his test series ... Questions are not framed as per the current trend he is still leaving in 2005-09era where questions were direct hasn't updated his knowledge ...same could be said about this knowlege of ethics
  • And charges the highest fee in the market with no due effort in setting question paper it's just a copy paste of previous years question papers
  • His ignorance about the leaked syllabus continues till date and keeps on saying nothing come from this but rather everything is coming for the leaked syllabus only this years question paper is the evidence of the relevance of the leaked syllabus
  • Join Vajiram or Mohanty
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