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Public Administration 2015. Covering new syllabus.

Hello all.
I appreciate all of you who have dared to chose public administration as your optional for 2015 inspite of the debacle happened in 2014 mains. I have been able to analyse the new syllabus and looked for most of its topics. Planning to start online classes cum workshop for Public Administration mains 2015.
See, changing your optional and being assured that the same thing will not happen to the new optional is a riskier domain. UPSC is a gamble.
There are few instructions which we need to follow on this thread -
1) We'll cover the new syllabus topic wise. No matter if the topic was there in earlier syllabus too.
2) We'll not rush with the syllabus.
3) Home assignments will be given.
4) As far as possible we will restrain from sharing links over here. Until n unless it's very important.

I may be sounding authoritative over here. I'm sorry for that but being a teacher I cannot help the same. I never do this intentionally.

P.s Alone no one can do anything. I need your support. Today being the first day do give ur Yes! Or No! Otherwise moderators feel free to close this thread. Thank you.
कर लेते है बर्दाश्त हर दर्द इसी आस के साथ,
कि खुदा नूर भी बरसाता है, आज़माइशो के बाद........


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