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What pen did you use in your Mains/Prelims?

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Okay, just for fun, I am curious to know what pen people used in their last Mains or prelims. :-)

I'll begin

2012 Pre: Butterflow
2012 Mains : Reynolds jiffy gel
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  • An important question. :-?
  • edited January 2013
    I am still yet to find the right pen.
    I either have sore fingers within 90 minutes or the pen stops writing ( the ink flows intermittently).
    The pens that I have used till date in the UPSC exams
    Reynolds 045
    Butter flow
    Techno tip
    Parker ball pen (the fat one)

    I found the parker pen to be OK but it is fat for comfort. But the others were not up to the mark.

    The sheer frustration when the pen gives away in the middle of the exam.
    I invariably had to carry MANY backup pens.

    BTW my friends had no problem with techno tip, butter flow or pinpoint. So, I think it is a problem of how I write or rather how i use the pen than the pen itself

  • Prelims: Desi Reynolds (wahi jiska conical dhakkan upar se khula hota hai, you can say frustum with open ends.)
    Mains: Pilot Pen..was using this pen for last 2 years and I found it okay in the examination.
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  • @robinolds Bhai usme toh kabi ragadna parta hai gola marne ke liye.. hehe..

    Butterflow ka bhi ek panga hai ki 50% refills light hoti hain or 50% dark, ya phir after using for sometime they become light suddenly..

    Waise my buuterflow in Philosophy mains paper last time got me 201/300 :D .

    So I considered it very lucky for sometime.. But used Gel in Mains for that light blue color, like Pilot pen minus the hassles of Pilot pen
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  • What kind of hassles?
    “So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa | Indian Police Service 2013
  • White wale me refill karna, or blue wala is usually very thick.
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  • ohkay... I used 4 new pilot pens(white wale) for mains. Now, I am using them after refilling.

    blue wale pilot pens to really not good for exam. Too thick.
    “So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa | Indian Police Service 2013
  • I used jetter. Ball pens work for me, for speed.
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  • asgasg
    edited January 2013
    Montex Mega Top. In all 3 attempts. It needs a bit of initiation though, so I used to buy 2-3 and use each for a few days when I practiced. Once this is done and the ink starts flowing freely, its great.
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  • Cello Ocean gel, i have given lots of my IIT exams wid that pen :D its fast and slipery so speed sahi banti h , also ink bahar nai ati h :D
    n that connical wala comment is epic :D
  • I'll probably use those use and throw pens worth 2-3 rupee (Agni / Icy / etc). Comfortable and write well too! :\">
    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
  • I used Parker fountain pen
    Bit unusual but i've been using it since years, and am most comfortable while writing with an ink pen.
  • I actually don't qualify for this thread.. but in college I used Pilot V10 for all my exams. You can write really fast with it.
    But I have heard that the mains answer sheet paper is very thin and most pens' ink comes through on the other side..

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  • Interesting thread! Used techno tips for both my mains. Maybe I should shift pens to be called to the interview :))
  • I used Flair Writometer and it was a total disaster :| it doesn't have any grip or hands started paining after 1hr....not recommended!
    Only after the debacle i came to know the importance of the PEN we use!! Thanks for starting this thread @Neyawn :)
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    seems funny but indeed very essential.we can write in gel pen in mains my fav pilot pen and add gel they are very crisp and bit very fast too.thanks for thread
  • @Jose, Let me admit that I most curiously check out this thread whenever someone comments on it. :P
    *No good deed goes unpunished*
  • uni SA-R MITSUBISHI ball pens for me, no smudges.
    Valar Morghulis
  • reynolds liquiflow is also good..
  • Cello Flo Gel, the best.
  • edited April 2013
    For prelims, Reynolds LIQUIFLO better for shading the OMR

    I didn't appear in mains last year, hoping to appear this year
    is my choice for any descriptive paper

    5500-6000 words in 6 hrs or less with ball point and gel pen...???
    many of my friends complained about not completing the paper because of wrist pain, glad i won't be having that problem....
  • Which 'black ball point pen' are you all planning to use in Pre 2013 ?

    I am unable to decide. :(
  • edited May 2013
    Linc H20. Nice grip, good flow. Bought a whole box of it last month.

  • @Caartey - Parker Beta- standard or premium?
  • @Caartey - Parker Beta- standard or premium?
    During my school days i liked premium shiny and slim...

    But now a days my hands are too big to hold them comfortably so i switched to Beta
    As a pleasant surprise They are lighter than premium (ABS plastic i think...)...
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