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Kalinga IAS or Ramesh Singh for GS-Economic - Which one to join?


  • A BIG NO to ramesh singh ,not that good . (My friend attended there )
    Upsc upsc upsc upsc .!! Aur upsc !!
  • both are equally can go through mrunal and go through insights.
  • kalinga ias is total crap... join only if you want to waste your time and money..
  • ok frndz..thank u
  • Well I was thinking of joining Kalinga for Mains optional. They boast a lot on IES results.
    Guess, thats out the window now ! ~X(
  • I wont recommend Kalinga IAS. I studied from there. Left the institute after about 3 weeks. He may be good for IES but certainly not for GS- Economics.
  • sriram IAS notes enuff for eco.
  • Anybody experienced the optional classes?
  • Yes Right frdz..i also heard the same that Kalinga is not as good as he is for IES..Sriram's notes r enough
  • hez not even good for optionals...complete bogus
  • Kaling a is better
  • Kalinga is better
  • Buy any class hand written xrox .complete it one row then go for sriram
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • Download mrunal economy lectures from. Youtube. Almost all topics are well explained.
  • A big no for Kalinga. I have joined Test Series there. They had so lame attitude and did not fulfill any of the commitments that they had earlier made. The best solution would be to buy recommended books and take mrunal's website assistance.
  • @kirti gupta- have u attended kalinga???what to join then for Gs economy module
  • Kalinga IAS - NO . inbox me if you want to know why , coaching material ke naam pr standard books ki Photocopy dete hai . nothing original . waste of time and money .
  • Kalinga is total bakwass.Not even for optionsl or ies.He will start with sm recent economy topic(for which ample material already avail) then,50% course(almost full micro n macro) will be left untouched n just wrapped up,saying short of time. But yeah, there ll be ample time for silly jokes in class n a well planned party during last days to cherish ur bonding at coaching.!!! :-q
  • Go through, don't waste your money here and there
  • RK4U said:

    Anybody experienced the optional classes?

    "Kalinga Ias and its faculty A.K.Dash are a big fraud. All that Dash is concerned about is that how good an image he has on the students. He has himself studied from Dse (or so he clains) but the moment you tell him that you are from DU, he becomes overly conscious about your presence and tries to mock every word you say.
    Also , when he dictates with his eyes closed ( creating the aura of an oracle, speaking divine words) he goes wrong in sentence composition and grammar to such an extent that the meaning gets distorted.
    If you tell him that he is wrong about something, he will never accept it and try to make you look like a fool.
    He rarely teaches a topic in detail. When you talk about other topics which he has skipped, he tells you that he knows which topics are important and snubs you. Given the present pattern of questions in cse, skipping topics is not affordable.
    The purpose for this diacussion is to caution the spirants not to join kalinga ias for economics optional. Either prepare on your own or look for some other coaching.
    Thank you
    Quote · "

    I posted the above in December 2014 after wasting 5 months at Kalinga Ias.
    You would wish to know my credibility so here it is. I changed my optional to Sociology and cleared cse 2015 and am in IPS.
  • (mrunal + survey +sriram notes)
    any two of them
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