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Self study for Mathematics optional for CSE 2015

I chose to take mathematics as an optional subject for UPSC cse-2015. i'm presently doing self study but slowly lacking motivation so I'm afraid i will lose my consistency. I would post my daily progress, doubts etc. in this thread. Let the discussion flow as it will motivate everyone who participates in the discussion.


  • @haindavik i am also preparing for 2015 with maths ,and doing in self mode.
    and deeply interested in coordinative and cooperative study.plz share your maths plan.
    i have just started with modern algebra
  • @neuron25 i have started ODE and am still at first order first degree..will complete first order but not first degree today
  • @haindavik ok bro keep it up
  • Im interested too
  • m interested as well
  • All,
    I have read booklist given by kashish mittal and Prakashraj purohit’s blog which mostly says topic name and Krishna series.
    Could someone post the exact name topic/Author/publisher wise?
    @qcpass7,@Ben_Ten,@haindavik ,@neuron25
  • @neuron25
    How are you finding Abstract Algebra?
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • hello dear friends ....this is janeb.....till now we were different but since all off our mission is same i.e ias and through same optional mathematics....so from now we will share each part of our study and plan so that we could able to know that what is our progress rate ..?
  • edited January 2015
    today i will decide that for which subject which book should i follow ...?ie either vashitha or shantinarayan?....?if any one can suggest me then i will be greately thankfull... :)>-
  • if anybody is interested in completing whole mathematics syllabus in 6-8 months parallely with others then i am ready,,,,....is there anyone else?
  • linear algebra ---- vasistha and sharma krishna series and Schuam's outline series "Linear Algebra" by 'Seymour Lipschutz' and 'Marc Lipson'.

    modern abstract algebra ----- vasishtha krishna publications

    matrices------- Vasishtha and Vasishtha (Krishna Series)
    real analysis-------" Elements of Real Analysis" by M.D. Raisinghania
    differntial calculus------Differential Calculus by Shanti Narayan (S. Chand)
    integral calculus--------Integral Calculus by Shanti Narayan (S. Chand)
    3d and solid geomtery----------------shantinarayan and p.n chaterjee rajhans publications
    ordinary and partial differtial equations--------------M.D. Raisinghania of S. Chand publication
    complex analysis------------krishna series
    linear programming------------krishna series
    vector algebra-----------------krishna series
    statics------------krishna series
    dynamics---------------krishna series
    numeric analysis---------------krishna series
    fluid dynamics-------------------M.D. Raisinghania of S. Chand publication

    this is the most referenced list ....so i want to share it to all of my friends.....
  • i will start by matrices, then linear algebra, then 3d and solid geometry,, then differntial calculus,,then integral calculus ,then ordinary and partial diffrential equation....then afterwards i will share ...first let me complete all these within 2 months...i will share whatever and however i will complete...if i will find any problem then i hope that many of my friends will certainly help me.....thanks
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    thanks for info shared so far regarding book list.
    best of luck.
    I have started with preparation for cse2015 with mathematics optional.
  • @janeb
    cool ref books.
    But before proceeding, Link the chapters ( irrespective of p-1 or p-2 ), so that it is easy to understand the topics and also revision.
    All the best.
    @ Son_Of_Soil
  • @ptkyadav thanks bro.....but can you help in linking those chapters which you told ...
  • Can anyone please tell if we have to skip any chapter of MD raisinghania of ordinary and partial diffrentiation and if we can directly start preparation with ODE & PDE
  • Anybody can share the pdf of integral calculus by shanti?
  • @Mathlover brother i would suggest you buy the hard copy of the essential books..
  • hello friends my name is Gaurav, I am too planning of taking mathematics as optional, friends I am facing problem in calculus part, kindly suggest which book to follow and parts to cover
  • @hurricane2030 I have the 16th edition of M.D. Raisinghania's book and the chapters to be covered are:
    Part I (ODE) : Chapters 1 - 7 and Chapter 10
    Part III (PDE) : Chapter 2 and Chapters 4 - 8
    I have completed this part and I think you can certainly start with ODE and then PDE. But you would require some knowledge of calculus, especially differential calculus for PDE.

    @GauravKumar I read Shanti Narayan's book for differential calculus. I found the book to be good enough for the syllabus. You can also refer to books that are prevalent for BSc courses in your area (like Spectrum or Dinesh) as they have large number of solved examples and this book is kinda stingy on that front. I haven't started Integral Calculus yet!
  • @janeb @ravisk02 others :
    Are these correct links for books for linear algebra?
    we need to do both and if yes, then which one first?
    Any chapters to skip (we all know time is very precious in our optional subject ?

  • @hurricane2030 Yup! These are the correct links. You could start with either part. I found matrices to be a lot easier to grasp though. And I think from the book on linear algebra, we need to do only the first two chapters. Just go by the syllabus, word for word!
  • @ravisk02 + others: how many days ( or hours) does it take to cover complete Matrices book of Krishna series?? Asking only to maintain my speed and efficiency and save time.

  • edited February 2015
    Guys in numerical methods solution to algebraic and transcendental equation, methods given in syllabus is enough or should I cover all the methods given in jain and iyenger book??
    The are many methods in this book but in syllabus only three methods are given.
  • @ravisk02 + others: I am confused in what to read for Calculus topic. Can you please which chapter to do or skip for Calculus from a) ACOMA by shanti narayan, b) Differential calculus by shanti narayan c) Integral calculus by shanti narayan.
    It would help a fellow mate a lot.
    Thanks in advance :)
  • @hurricane2030 Shanti Narayan's book covers all topics for differential calculus (except I guess Lagrange's method). Just go strictly by syllabus for all topics in mathematics. Check previous year papers for greater clarity on syllabus and important topics. I have fifteenth edition for the book on 'Differential Calculus' and chapters 2,3,8,9,10,11,12,13,17 seem to cover the syllabus. Can't say anything about integral calculus.
  • @ravisk02 : thanks... but what about chapter 15??? asymptotes?? it's in syllabus
  • @hurricane2030 Oh! Yeah! Forgot that. Chapter 15 too. All the best.
  • One question I have, I saw previous years papers.
    Before 2012, questions were mostly derivations/proof/theoretical type. But after that, there is now trend of direct questions.
    So, is there any change in pattern?
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