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NCERT Class 12th Fine Arts Book


I have tried a lot but am not able to get NCERT 12th class FINE ARTS BOOK.
Anybody having soft copy or knows a book store in Delhi where I could get it. Please share it
Will be a lot of help.
Winter has arrived!!!!


  • It's available on the NCERT website.
    It's 11th class not 12th.

    It is also available on the forum if you search properly.

    Anyways, here's a direct link:

  • Thanks Empirica for the reply.
    I do have the 11th class book in hard copy.
    But i need the 12th class one. Ironically, its no available anywhere.
    So wanted to use the forum for it.
    Anyway thanks.
    But still anyone with 12th class link???
    Winter has arrived!!!!

  • I don't think there is a 12th class book for Fine Arts. :/
    Is there?
  • yeah its there, contains mughal paintings etc
    Winter has arrived!!!!
  • Yes class 12th book is there. you can search on ncert website
  • Can anyone please tell me the name of class 12 book on ncert website, as I could not find any?
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    यूही गुज़र जाएगा घबराना कैसा |
    हिम्मत से काम लेंगे, घबराना कैसा |
  • Even I couldn't find any.

    @AAbhay: Thanks dude. Got to know something new today. :D
  • he he...woh bolte hain naa..."we are all Angels but with one broken wing"...the complementary nature of human life!!!!
    Winter has arrived!!!!
  • edited December 2014
    Even I'm searching for Class12 book of Indian art. Pls someone help. Thank you.
  • Sorry yaar, i have searched a lot but there is no Class 12th NCERT book for arts and culture. All CBSE board schools have books of different writers in their curriculum. You can refer that.
    Winter has arrived!!!!
  • Can any one tell me the name of this book ??
  • An introduction to indian art
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