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Geography Optional Group Study For UPSC-2015

edited November 2014 in Geography & Geology
Hello friends,
i am starting this thread so that we can form a group to study together geography optional.I m a newbie here and aware of the niches of geography. However after going through most of the related posts, i do know now the topics, books, materials etc required for the subject. I have just started my preparations, if anyone wants to join me on this venture, u r welcome.
book i have on geography:-
physical geo-savinder singh, strahler
and ncerts,
i know i have a long way to go, any kind of help and advice will be appreciated. i have made this group to keep motivation up and in case any doubt arises we will have a group to discuss with and we wont need to post questions here and there and wait for long time.

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  • Ok i am in whats is the plan
  • Hi superbola, Here's the plan- First things first-As per syllabus for Geography optional
    Syllabus-Physical Geography-
    1. Geomorphology: Factors controlling landform development; endogenetic andexogenetic forces; Origin and evolution of the earth’s crust; Fundamentals of geomagnetism;Physical conditions of the earth’s interior; Geosynclines;Continental drift; Isostasy; Plate tectonics;Recent views on mountain building;Vulcanicity; Earthquakes and Tsunamis;Concepts of geomorphic cycles and Landscape development ; Denudation chronology; Channel morphology; Erosion surfaces; Slope development ; Applied Geomorphology : Geohydrology, economic geology and environment.

    Now, i cudn't find the first topin-"Factors controllinglandform development" in Savinder singh's Physical Geography book, it seems i have to buy "Geomorphology by Savinder singh". there are also topics like applied geomorphology, geohydrology,denudation chronology i couldn't find much details about them in Physical geography book.

    So, i have started from second topic endogenetic and exogenetic forces- its given in chapter 7"Earth's movement"- physical geo by savinder singh.

    As soon as i get hands on Geomorphology book, i will do the first topic.
  • Hello aviator09
  • hello @aviator09 @ArjunDrall i think we all targeting for next year so i think we can strategize and discuss
    our further planning for geog,
  • hi @ArjunDrall , @superbola pls do suggest a good strategy if u hv in mind. As of now- i will be going with following plan-
    -Paper1-optional syllabus -note making complete by November 30th
    - Paper2-optional syllabus-note making complete by December 15th
    -Remaining days of december i will dedicate to revising and tests.
    Though m not sure if the time window i have dedicated to each is adequate.

  • And i will appreciate if any1 can tell me about which book is best among-savinder, Rupa made simple,Majid,Spectrum,Surrender for "Geomorphology"? Also it will be grt if u could verify if they contain "Factors controlling landform development" and other topics which are not given properly in Physical Geography by savinder singh
  • As i am also very new to i so let me find out
  • hi @ArjunDrall , @superbola pls do suggest a good strategy if u hv in mind. As of now- i will be going with following plan-
    -Paper1-optional syllabus -note making complete by November 30th
    - Paper2-optional syllabus-note making complete by December 15th
    -Remaining days of december i will dedicate to revising and tests.
    Though m not sure if the time window i have dedicated to each is adequate.

    I dont think ds mch time would be adequate.. we should keep 31st January as the deadline daye for finishing note making, revising n memorising atleast once

    N geomorphology by savinder singh has separate chapters on:-
    channel morphology
    denudation chronology
    Applied geomorphology
    theories related to landform development

    i checked d book..a frnd hs it..

  • And for d 5 topics in physical geography namely geomorphology, oceanography, climatology, biogeography and environmental geography i will be going with a mixed reading of physical geo by savinder, strahler n strahler phy.geo, rupas phy geo n 11th class fundamentals of phy geo ncert.
    I think it would be d perfect combination to cover all topics in a detailed n satisfactory manner.
  • edited November 2014
    1) For Physical, Savindra Singh is best. Explains things in depth. Also, the book runs parallel to the syllabus of Physical GEography. Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography ==> covered under it. Also, some parts of Environmental Geography lie Ecology concepts, and Biogeography ==> Biomes

    2) some topics like denudation chronology, slope development, channel morphology, factors controlling landform development, erosional surfaces are not there in Savindra Singh's Physical Geography.

    a) Slope development has 3 theories (Slope decline by Davis, Parallel Retreat by King, Slope replacement by Penck)==> search it on internet.
    b) Erosional surfaces are nothing but the end products of completion of various erosional cycles ==> fluvial, glacial, marine, Arid, Karst ==> find out what kind of surfaces are formed after completon of erosion cycles and make use of internet, also, many geographers have used many terms like peneplains, panplains, etchplains, Inselbergs ==> try to find out what are they.
    c) Channel Morphology ==> includes Channel Geometry, Stream flow, types of channels ==> when there will be meandering channel, when there will be straight channel, when there will be a braided channel, etc.
    d) Factors controlling landform development ==> don't know what exactly UPSC wants up to cover under this topic but common sense says that land forms are developed and modified by endogenetic and exogenetic forces which are dealt in detail in Savindra Singh.
    e) Denudation Chronology ==> sequential development of landforms ==> in what sequence land forms will develop say if we take work of river water, the sequence of landforms will nearly nearly be : George/Canyons ==> waterfalls/plunge pools/cataract ==> V shaped valleys ==> Fans/cones/khadar/bangar ==> meanders/ox bow lakes/flood plains/leeves ==> Braided channels ==> Deltas. We know that deltas will not be formed on Mountains and Georges will not be there on plains. Similarly, by applying logic in other cases, we can find out denudation chronology.
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • @Chomuphilosopher thanks for giving me details on topics n guidance
    @ArjunDrall thanks fr book specific info,can u tell me more about rupa made simple- is it more detailed or less compared to savindar?
  • Savinder singh is definitely more detailed
    Bt rupa explains the concepts in a more simple, easy to grasp way
    I wd suggest u to start wd savinder n refer to rupa fr diagrams n concepts u r nt able to understand properly in savinder singh
  • got it; guys pls do tell your own strategy too
    bhai log, apni bhi planning share karo,
  • I appeared ds tym..ws hoping to clear pre..acc to diff keys ws gtng 190-205...obc cat..bt didnt clear.. so ws quite disheartened fr a long tym.. exactly a month nw snc results were declared n feeling lk why did i waste 30 days..bt stl drs a lot of tym n i am vry determined nw to be in d final list nxt tym so resumed preparation frm yesterday.. wl strt wd geo optional frm scratch again..covered endogenetic n exogenetic forces yesterday n started wd d theories relating to d origin of earths crust..planning to cmpkt geomorphology in detail till 30th november
  • Hey guys I would also like to keep up with you guys. Actually i have joined coaching too and its supposed to last 4 months starting Dec 10th at Vajiram. But as I have no touch for geo for such a long time now I think its better to atleast go thru the concepts once before.
  • @ArjunDrall I hv too givn pre just 2 see q without ny preparation,I was in a job, until last month I wasnt even sure with upsc exam leave alone geography optional.so dis wil be my 1st true attmpt. Making notes for 1st time n have just bought books. Its a start from scratch. One stupid doubt m having- shall I make notes bookwise or topicwise? I mean savindar ki alag aur rupa ki alag ya geomorphology ek me aur climatology ek me?
    @Indroop u r welcome,v hv just started
  • Brother, u hv d syllabus frm upsc
    Ech n evry word of d syllabus kindly forge into ur mind n prepare acoordingly
    Make notes in a way to cover all topics n sub-topics of the syllabus
    U cn refer to different books n incorporate into ur notes on d topic accordingly
    Ds way d notes wud be more detailed n wd consist of info frm all books n most importantly its easy to revise in d last 2-3 months wdout hvng to bother ''ki us book mei bhi sahu dia hua hai, vo bhi dekhlun"" :D
  • Hmm, correctly said.
  • Hello friends

    I m newbie here
    Pls.suggest me I.have opted geo as opt but friends I find terms are very difficult
    Savindar Singh books not giving perfect picture of topic .

  • Hello Everyone,
    I am also preparing for my 1st attempt in 2015. I have opted geo as optional. thanks everyone for sharing important info about geo preparation.
  • @sanjeev198819 Hi, read rupa made simple geography books, i havent read it but reviews says that it explains geography in much simpler way.Book order-: NCERT-> Rupa->Savindar->Topic Specific book.
    One more book that considered good in terms of content is Spectrum Geography by Rajiv Ahir.Hope, that helps.
  • Hey guys,If anyone has geomorphology savinder singh..then please provide what are the various topics it covers under applied geomorphology chapter(if possible can someone upload the pics of that chapter).
  • Hello Read this also for information related to UPSC
  • Hi Everyone
    Can any one suggest which among the following is good coaching for Geography optional?
    Alok Ranjan, Neetu Singh, Sabbir sir or Ajay Raj singh?
  • Alok Ranjan and Neetu Singh are the best
  • Can anyone please provide the link to online source from where I can read all the industries,minerals, crop pattern,etc on Indian map.
  • I opted geography as option for UPSC MAINS and presently i am in chennai. Can anyone suggest which institute is the best in chennai for GEOGRAPHY?
  • hello evryone,
    ill b writing my exam in 2015 fr the frst time.
    could u ppl plz guide me as in which coaching shud i take fr geo optional
    i heard about shashank atom ALS and shabbir VAJIRAM
    wat wud b a btr option plzz do suggest
  • Whats the difference between geomorphic cycle and denudation chronology?
    Chuck the Chucking Chuckers!!!
    Interview: ---------
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