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Difference between accord and treaty

Can any one explain what is the difference between an accord and a treaty


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    as per my understanding, from general point of view, accord is something which is not legally binding and step towards legally binding treaty, which grants one of the party to recognize the other as an international and sovereign entity
    but as per vienna's convention on the law of treaties, all such terms such as accords, international agreements ,protocol etc. have no "legal" difference and are considered same. When the treaty is signed and enforced/ratified then only it becomes legally binding on the members of the signatories.
    Camp david accords (between egypt and israel) and Oslo accords (between PLO and ISrael) and Paris peace accord (between US and Vietnam) are some accords,
    In case of Paris peace accord between US and NorthVietnam and south vietnam to end the long war and stop US military intervention into vietnam and north and south to recognize each others territory. However neither the US ratified it in their senate nor the vietcongs followed the accord and soon they captured south vietnam
    In case of Camp david accords between Israel and Egypt, soon the egyptian president who signed the accord was assasinated, the UNO didnt agree the accord since UN and PLO were not invited into the accord
    In Oslo accord between PLO and ISrael, after defeat of Yasser arafat, Hamas in power the peace accord became vague.
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  • In addition to above.
    Treaty is like a pact. It is a formal agreement between parties and can also be legally binding.
    Accord is more like agreement on certain existing issues. It is informal in nature so it is sometimes ignored by one or both parties.
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