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UPPSC upper subordinate Form Filling Problem?

edited May 2014 in Miscellaneous
i cant find the Geography optinal in the list while submitting DAF , however they hv mentioned it adv.
can any one guide me whether its a mistake from UPPSC online or i have interpretted the adv. in wrong form
Since they have given 2 optional to select from the list.

Plz help..?


  • where they hav asked your optionals. they have just asked to fill the subjects of your graduation. UPPSC 2014 form filling... ryt?? nowhere they have asked for optionals n nowhere u ll get to give choice for ur exam center
  • Bro it seems that they are asking the optional that we want to choose for Mains here only if i am not wrong .... check out the picture it says "Opted Optional Subject"
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  • bhai.. wo side me dekho likha h .... graduation level subject list... usme se jo bhi subject ko tick karoge jo tumhare graduation me hoga.. wo subject right side me YOUR OPTED GRADUATION SUBJECT LIST me aajyega.. isme mains ka option jaisa mat samjho.. cz if U r PG den also ye bharna padega... den mains ka optional kaise keh skte ho. hope u undrstand
  • its not opted optional subject.. it is Your opted grauation subject... check kr lo
  • How to edit the details -> such as 'marks obtained' 'total marks' 'percentage' etc in basic registration form, as it seems non-editable
  • Thanks @mission13 i was worried four more than a week and these uppsc guys were driving me nuts as they hardly bother to reply.

    @gks - i thnk there seems to be no way backward except that you fill a second form incase you havent submitted the first one.
  • gksgks
    edited May 2014

    No, no what i'm saying is in the 'basic registration form' in the 'VERY LAST ROW' -> where we have to enter whether one HAS ACQUIRED the degree or NOT ? the drop-down for selecting 'Yes / No' works, but all other fields in that line such as 'marks obtained' 'total marks' 'percentage' etc have N/A written in them, which i'm not able to edit,

    Please check whether you've also left them, un-filled . . . .
  • @gks
    in basic registration form, just write yes for graduation. rest all u cant edit. n submit it. after payment of fees. u ll get this graduation details to fill there later. so no worry. in first page last row. just mention YES for graduation
  • ok thanks bro, i thought it was some problem with my system only :-) , thanks again for confirming
  • I tried to find whether the photograph needs to have date on it and whether we have to sign in black / blue ink, but did not get any direction about it anywhere in the application form,

    did anyone get these info somewhere else on the portal . . . .
  • photo with no date and sign it in black (thou it is not mentiond anywhere). i have filled lyk i m telling and form is accepted.
  • @mission13
    Filled first part, where is the link for 2nd part? cnt find it. ~X(
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  • @mission13 ..... mil gya :D
    Chunnu, Munnu De Papa di Gaddi
    “जगह मिलने पर साइड देंगे”
  • sahi hai bhai, saying 2-3-4 years delay does not create such horrible scene as adding that number to 2014 to give 2020, tab tak toh india already developed country ban jayega (as per some years old predictions), tab kya faayda fir :-)
  • when will they ask optional subject and examination centre choice? not asked in this form yet
  • edited February 2016
    one observation, in optional (whether it refers to grad or mains optional), 2 subjects are selectable, not more than that. That is confusing.

    p.s. though i have filled it considering grad subject, on advice of a good samaritan from forum
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  • one observation, in optional (whether it refers to grad or mains optional), 2 subjects are selectable, not more than that. That is confusing.

    p.s. though i have filled it considering grad subject, on advice of a good samaritan from forum

    Nahi bhai u can fill more than two for example I filled commerce, economics and others for graduation subjects. Also they are asking for graduation and pg subjects. As for optionals is concerned I guess they'll ask for them in mains form to be filled by those qualifying prelims.
    Life is one challenge it!
  • Then Sunny how many subjects We need to select...as i am not clear about it they have not stated anything in the notification about it we had Commerce Economics Mathematics Statistics in our graduation
  • सर मैने बीटेक मैकेनिकल से ग्रेजुएशन किया है मै ग्रेजुएशन लेबल सब्जेक्ट में मेकैनिकल के आप्शन पर टिक करना भूल गया पर मैंने other subject पर टिक किया है क्या मुझे एग्जाम देने के बाद कोई प्रॉब्लम हो सकती है मै इसको संशोधित कैसे कर सकता हूँ
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