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difference between European Commission and European Council

In todays's Hindu, the below photo was published:

PM Manmohan Singh flanked by European Commission President and European Council PresidentEuropean Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (left) and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, after their meeting in New Delhi on the occasion of India - EU summit

My question is:

What is the difference between European Commission & European Council? What is their mandate and how is it constituted?

#EuropeanCommission #EuropeanCouncil
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    sunday morning ko ye kya ho raha hai.......? subah subah bakchodi shuru....
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    its 2 PM, it is not morning, @ASingh
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    Photos really strike well.it was in todays hindu. @KarthikP you are brilliant man! you have an acumen for fishing (and not phishing..lol) out news stories. Even I don't know the difference.
    Note- A correction: The India - EU Summit was held in Brussels, not in New Delhi. Why?Because Brussels is the headquarters of EU.
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    India EU summit 2010 was held in Brussels

    India EU summit 2011 was held in New Delhi

    just for clarification.
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    there are 3 things that we nee to know

    1. European Commission
    2. European Council
    3. European Parliament

    European Commission is an executive body of the EU. It proposes legislation and implements decisions of the EU. It works as a cabinet (hence an executive body) unlike the European Council which is legislative body of the EU.

    It has 27 member states, called the commissioners. First a EU Commission President is elected by the European Parliament from the list proposed by European Council. The current EU Commission President is Joseph Manuel Barrosso from Portugese.
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    Now, since EU has an executive body, it must also have a legislative body. The EU legislature is a bicameral legislation consisting of -

    1. European Parliament - directly elected body of the EU. It consists of MEPs - Members of European Parliament (Like MPs in India). The European Parliament is elected by the second largest democratic electorate in the world after India (since our population is more than entire EU!). It is elected every 5 years by universal suffrage since 1979. Since it is the legislative body , comparable to Lower House of India, it has control over EU budget and the European Commission is also responsible to EU Parliament, like the cabinet is responsible to Lok Sabha in India. It elects the EU Commission President and approves the other members of the commission. It can ask them to resign, just like Lok Sabha can ask minters/cabinet to resign.

    The President of EU Parliament is the speaker.
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    2 European Council - is the second house of the bicameral legislature of the EU. It consists of the Ministers of the 27 countries. Which minister will be the member of the council depends upon which what topic the council is discussing. When they discuss agriculture, the council consists of agricultural ministers of the 27 member states.

    Its presidency rotates every six months among the member countries. However, right now Herman Van Rompuy has been made the President of EU Council as full time and for long term.
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    sorry, i got confused by video. mistake noted.
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    where is karthik gone? celebrating valentine day?
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    @Rajni - yes, i had a day off and a day out :-P
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    I am the biggest hypocrite of all.. I was not selected as moderator and I cry everyday.
    Getting the taste of my own medicine.
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